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June 16, 2024

De Tomaso Mangusta: Rare Birds No. 3

by Mike Gulett –

Below is a short video featuring a rare car that most of us do not see everyday or Rare Birds as I call them.

The De Tomaso Mangusta is a mid-engine Ford powered beast that was based on the De Tomaso Vallelunga chassis. Giorgetto Giugiaro styled the car and it is easily recognized as one of his beautiful creations.

Approximately 400 Mangustas were produced between 1967 and 1971; 150 were the European version using the Ford V8 289 cid engine with 305 hp, and 250 were the US version, with the Ford 302 cid engine with 230 hp. There are thought to be fewer than 150 Mangustas left in existence.

De Tomaso Mangusta

Top speed is 130 mph and zero to 60 mph arrives in 6.3 seconds for the US version. The transmission is a manual ZF 5 speed. The front to rear weight distribution and chassis stability were problems for the Mangusta in addition to the tight, and low to the ground, cabin.

It is not considered to be a great handling car but is definitely a great looking car with real presence and it sounds great as well.

De Tomaso Mangusta

Watch the video, De Tomaso Mangusta: Rare Birds No. 3, below on full screen, click on the arrows to the left of ‘Vimeo’ in the lower right corner and then click the play triangle in the lower left corner. Be sure the sound is on, yes there is music and engine sounds.

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De Tomaso Logo

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De Tomaso Mangusta: Rare Birds No. 3
Article Name
De Tomaso Mangusta: Rare Birds No. 3
The De Tomaso Mangusta is a great looking car with real presence that sounds great as well.


  1. One of the Mangusta’s was a special order by General Motors VP of Design, William “Bill” Mitchell. It was unique because he did not want the Ford engine so DeTomaso told him to send him whatever GM motor to install. A 350hp LT79 Corvette engine was shipped to Modena and easily installed. Unfortunately Mitchell was too tall for the car and it was sold 3 months later. The current owner has enjoyed it since 1969.

  2. Wayne Watkins says

    Very sorry that I sold my red RHD one in early 80’s for A$17,990 . It was fitted with a 351 ( 5.8 litre ) Ford engine . At that time I more than doubled what I paid for it and it needed rose joint suspension work and had typical faulty Italian electrics ie wipers only worked in sunny weather . Never saw it again and think only 4 were sold new in Australia , but feel it may well be in Melbourne as I saw a red one on TV recently recently restored in Melbourne .

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