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March 1, 2024

Zero260: Curating Cars For Sale on the Internet

by Mike Gulett –

Every now and then, I like to look at cars for sale – that is why my blog is named My Car Quest. Sometimes it’s to see how much models similar to those I own, or have owned, are going for, or if that car I’ve pined for my entire adult life is actually obtainable. Other times, I am just curious to see what’s out there.

There’s a new website that boasts, “The internet’s most intriguing cars, delivered daily” that might help accomplish a lot of this in one place. Creatively named Zero260, the site is reminiscent of the early Bring a Trailer, and spotlights cars for sale at any given time across the internet. The site is not selling these cars, but rather calling attention to what the Zero260 team feel are cars (and trucks) worth checking out.

They might be a great price, a rare prototype, or something fun and nostalgic from the past. Either way, the site feeds the car guy in all of us, and site visitors are encouraged to comment on the cars posted. You can sign up to receive a daily update in your inbox for free. Every day, the Zero260 team identifies cars for sale they find interesting, and then they write their own commentary, highlighting features and sharing thoughts about why they like the vehicle.

“Fast Finds” are direct links to cars worth checking out. Zero260 spells out how much the car is being offered for, where it’s located, and provides a direct link to the original for sale ad on the internet.

You can set up your own searches to look at the year and marque of your choice, a nice feature, but it’s also fun (and educational) to simply read the Zero260 team’s posts.

While it is not clear where they’re going with the site, it is certainly easy to see the potential given the current and sudden trend in online auctions. It would be a natural next step. After all, Bring a Trailer took the plunge and has had huge success with the online auction business model.

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Zero260: Curating Cars For Sale on the Internet
Article Name
Zero260: Curating Cars For Sale on the Internet
Zero260 is a web site that will help you find interesting cars for sale on the internet.


  1. Kenneth Phillips says

    Mike, you are right. These folks know what they are doing. Excellent assortment of well chosen cars. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. This internet is great. Nothing else to do, mostly!!!

  3. I’ve also seen Built for Backroads site which is similar but focuses on manual transmission cars. Nice knowing i can get help finding some good BMWs on both sites.

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