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June 23, 2024

Editorial: The War Against Gas Stations

In March 2021, the Petaluma, CA City Council voted unanimously to prohibit the creation, expansion, reconstruction and relocation of gas stations, encouraging owners to transition to stations that serve electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The changes were tackled through the zoning code. It is believed to be the first city in the country to pass such a ban.

Although this happened more than one year ago it has now drawn the ire of Mr. Wyss.
Mike Gulett, Editor

by Wallace Wyss –

Certain political movements are against ICE cars. They actually don’t mind $6.00 plus a gallon gas because they want us all to change to electric power. I have already warned about the exclusionary zones popping up in the UK where certain ICE cars are not allowed to enter or will be charged almost $20 for a one time entry but no there’s a new weapon in the war against internal combustion cars–banning new gas stations.

In Petaluma, Ca city leaders prevented a new gas station from opening. And now four other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area did likewise, each to crow their zero emissions philosophy. I think this will just make a divide between electric owners and ICE owners wider (or make hybrids a popular genre again).

I forgot which poet said something like “What they want is us standing in line for the bus every morning of our lives” but I am beginning to believe it. I yearn for the open road, and so far in an ICE car. But some want to clip my wings and make me do their way ASAP.

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THE AUTHOR: Author of 18 car histories Wyss is now wielding a paintbrush, depicting his favorite classics in oil on canvas. He will be manning his Art & Books booth at Concorso Italiano.


gas station

Editorial: The War Against Gas Stations
Article Name
Editorial: The War Against Gas Stations
In Petaluma, Ca city leaders prevented a new gas station from opening. And now four other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area did likewise.


  1. Robert Feldman says

    People should be paying close attention to what is going on in countries like Sri Lanka and Ghana as well as others that are being forced to accept “Green New deal” against their will. The countries are financially failing and experiencing energy shortages. There are too many politicians that have large investments and back door deals with companies that make wind and solar technology components. Does anybody out there feel that Americans are starting to wake up?

    • Robert Appleton says

      Instead of using Sri Lanka and Ghana, why not make a more valid comparison with actual “first world” countries like Norway, Denmark and Germany which have been successfully adapting green technologies on a broad scale?
      Regarding the California ordinances, there is no reference to the adequacy of existing gas stations. Perhaps there are already enough to serve the needs of the communities for the foreseeable future. With the inevitable growth (sorry to inform you) of the proportion of electric vehicles in coming years, maybe the idea of creating more underground space to store hazardous chemicals is not such a good idea.

      • Norway , Denmark and Germany are scratching their heads as the Russian supply is shutting down. Kalifornia has scheduled the shut down of their last nuclear plant which provides over ten percent of the states power. The politicians love this because any “dirty power” generated out of state and imported is considered “green” . This is the same progressive state that wants everyone to drive an electric car, yet they cant keep the power on ? Talking with friends who work at Cal Iso the states grid is a wreck and would have to be completely rebuilt to support the power needed to charge all the cars . To make things worse the state is going through a drought and 25% of its power is hydro. Adapting green technologies is one thing , but running a country on green power is a whole other challenge. When you look at how much green energy is created vs the demand you quickly see why modern countries use massive amounts of fossil fuels.

  2. wallace wyss says

    Reminds me of the effort to drop using fertilizers in some countries. They did so but now the same countries crops are half what they used to be, There’s consequences for each of these banning campaigns.

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