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September 27, 2023

Getting Noticed at Your Next Car Show

Entering a car show is a big deal for many car collectors. However, the challenge is not getting into the show but how you win an award. Considering the number of people who participate in car shows, it can be challenging to get noticed.

Here’s how to get noticed at your next car show:

Tip #1: Clean and Detail

Cleaning your car seems like the most obvious thing to do when you’re entering a car show. Unfortunately, many participants still overlook this requirement and enter car shows without giving their cars a proper cleaning. And that won’t do you any good in terms of attracting positive attention from the judges.

If you want to get noticed at your next car show, ensure that your car is thoroughly cleaned. Give the exterior a good wash and wax so that your car has a polished look during the presentation. Don’t forget to include the insides during your cleaning! Wipe and polish the leather seats, dust the air vents, and remove any stains. Polishing the wheels can also add to your car’s overall appeal and make it look fresher.

Tip #2: Dress to Impress

Most people won’t admit this about a car show but, as the car owner, you’re also considered part of the exhibit. It won’t be enough to upgrade your car’s features and parts alone. You must look presentable on the day; otherwise, you might drive people away from your vehicle. Set a budget for clothes to wear during the car show. A simple white shirt paired with jeans and a clean blazer should be enough for the occasion. You should also try to find a nice pair of casual shoes.

Tip #3: Location Is Key

Where you park your car during the car show will also influence how many people you attract to your exhibit. Parking in more accessible areas means more people can stop by and admire your vehicle. On the other hand, parking in areas that are tricky to maneuver can discourage people from even glancing at your vehicle—no matter how nice it is.

Besides accessibility, you should also consider your car’s protection. Parking your car in an area that’s hot and sunny could potentially damage the car’s exterior. Unfortunately, sun damage is not covered by auto insurance, no matter how expensive the car insurance cost might be. If you’re presenting something valuable, like a vintage racer from the ‘60s, it might be smart to park your car somewhere with good shade and fewer crowds.

Tip #4: Feedback and Questions

Car shows are all about building rapport with the people who visit your exhibit. The more approachable you are, the more likely people are to pay attention to you. Give your guests the chance to ask you questions or provide you with feedback. Try your best to answer their queries and accept both positive and negative feedback. Avoid being reactive or feeling offended by what the guests say. Focus on being a good host and a presentable car show participant. Plus you will meet some interesting people.

Tip #5: Pop the Hood

A well-kept engine is a crowd-stopper in any car show. If you have a good looking engine that’s in good condition, pop the hood and flaunt it. You don’t need to have the most powerful engine in the entire show. People will still appreciate how you’ve kept everything under the hood healthy and attractive.

Keep in mind that not all car shows allow their participants to open their car hoods. Inquire ahead about the rules and regulations of the show. If they say yes to opening the hood, make sure everything underneath is clean and decent. Take time to clean and detail your car engine before bringing it to the car show.

If you don’t know how to detail your car engine, you can visit an auto body shop for assistance. On the other hand, if you want to try the DIY route, here’s a quick video that you can check out:

Clean & Detail Your Car Engine in 5 Minutes! – YouTube


If you expect people to flock to you as soon as you drive your car up to a car show, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It will take a lot more work and dedication before you can gather a good crowd for your special car. Try the tips above to improve your chances of getting noticed at your next car show.

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  1. wallace wyss says

    At Pebble Beach i noticed most competitors for a prize have photo albums with pictures of the car when new, and even letters or bills explaining why such-and-such was changed (special radiator mascot ordered by the queen, etc.) If anything it shows the judges you practiced due diligence to find out why your car was so configured.

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