My Car Quest

February 23, 2024

The Benedict Castle Car Show

by Wallace Wyss - I won't call the Benedict Castle Concours Car Show a concours--too many cars are modified. But it's not a hot rod show either--there were some million dollar classics there--my favorite a custom bodied prewar Bugatti from … [Read more...]

Getting Noticed at Your Next Car Show

Entering a car show is a big deal for many car collectors. However, the challenge is not getting into the show but how you win an award. Considering the number of people who participate in car shows, it can be challenging to get noticed. Here’s … [Read more...]

The Return of Show and Go to Riverside California

Detroit Lives. Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew - A sunny day a folding chair and a moving display of decades of American rolling iron. The show was gone and now it's back and it was huge. Around these parts a couple times a year … [Read more...]

AutoMobility LA 2021

Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew - The Show is back and maybe coming to a town near you. The opening of The AutoMobility LA 2021 press days was November 17th and was quite different in many ways from shows in the past: Masks every where, … [Read more...]

The Malibu Car Show Is Still Attractive (At The Price)

We enjoy hearing what's out there, and who is doing what with their collector cars. But the Malibu Car Show each Sunday shows signs of being the same show each week. Fortunately our eagle eyed reporters spotted enough new that they still filed a … [Read more...]

Malibu Car Show – Ad Infinitum

In case you notice previous stories on what seems to be the same Malibu car show the answer is that each week it's the same location but a revolving cast of characters and cars. And so our reporter goes and our photographer goes, not to mention it … [Read more...]