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April 24, 2024

The Malibu Car Show Is Still Attractive (At The Price)

We enjoy hearing what’s out there, and who is doing what with their collector cars. But the Malibu Car Show each Sunday shows signs of being the same show each week. Fortunately our eagle eyed reporters spotted enough new that they still filed a report.

Mike Gulett, Editor

by Wallace Wyss –

Photographs by Richard Bartholomew –

Malibu was Malibu–a run-what-you-brung show that displays the creme de la creme of local cars. The good thing was:

– still no entry fee

– no sign-in for those showing cars

– no narrowing down of what cars can show up

Lister Replica

Lister Replica

It is all in a shopping center, Malibu Village at CrossCreek and Pacific Coast Highway and starts about 9am. Becoming anti-climatic at about 10:30am.

I enjoyed showing my eye doctor, Dr, Wayne Martin and his wife, different cars to figure out what kind of car he wants. I was pushing Jenson Interceptor convertible but he only mentioned BMW and alas this week no Z8, a BMW sports car that’s become collectible. Maybe I should have shown him the i8 but I don’t know if he’d look askance at three cylinders in a car that looks like a Lamborghini.

Ford Fairlane Top

Ford Fairlane Top

The colors on some cars attracted me. There was a pink Porsche and a guy owner who seemed not at all embarrassed by the color and a new Jeep pickup with some sort of aggregate surface you could describe, not too much like paint but a coating you could find in some non stick frying pans.

Porsche 904

Porsche 904

McLarens were still represented as much as Ferrari mid-engined was and a new Senna drew some attention. Bruce Meyer of the Petersen Museum switched from his usual sports cars to arrive in a ’32 Ford I believe a five window coupe. Bruce has always been both old school and new school. Liking hot rods but loving thoroughbred sports cars as well.

Volkswagen SP2

Volkswagen SP2

All told, it was a good show and once again you realize that it’s free. And since I recently read a list of 100 historical sites, which include some in Malibu, I am more curious to explore the backwoods to see remnants of the area’s pioneer days (for instance a restaurant which was originally a stagecoach shop..)

I left confident that this show could have “legs”: to last us until more formal shows start up again.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

More photos are in the slide show below.



Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is currently editing his anthology of fiction car stories.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Bartholomew is an artist and photographer based in Southern California. Visit his YouTube channel here. He is open to interesting consignments and can be reached at

Wallace Wyss Art

Our reporter, who knows his way around a paintbrush, did this portrait of a white open sports car entering the venue about 9 a.m. It is the first of ten 20″ x 30″ oil portraits he’s doing of exotics at the Malibu Car Show. For info on availability, write

Wallace Wyss Art Jacket

Little too warm for a Wally jacket but this lady Ferrari owner tried it on.

The Malibu Car Show Is Still Attractive (At The Price)
Article Name
The Malibu Car Show Is Still Attractive (At The Price)
The Sunday Malibu Car Show keeps us interested every week, so far, with interesting cars and people.


  1. Wes Stewart says

    The ’32 Ford is a three-window.

  2. Love that 365 GTC4

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