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May 28, 2024

Iso Grifo for Auction in Monterey

by Mike Gulett –

One of my favorite cars is the Iso Grifo as many of you know. So when one comes up for auction it gets my attention. This is one of two up for auction in Monterey this year.

This is a special example that looks like and performs like a Can Am model but is not really an original Can Am and that is fine with me.

Iso Grifo Can Am

1971 Iso Grifo 7-Litri Series II by Bertone

Estimate: $400,000 – $500,000 USD

This is Chassis No. is GL110340, which originally had a Corvette 327 cid engine but sometime before 1980 the engine was swapped for a 454 cid Chevy. The hood was also changed to the high riser hood style used on the original 7-Liter Can Am models.

The Can Am model was a Series II 7-Liter, some were equipped with the 427 cid and some came with the 454 cid Chevy engine.

Iso Grifo Can Am

Iso Grifo Can Am

This one is up for auction by RM Sotheby’s in Monterey in August 2022.

RM Sotheby’s writes,

– Restored Series II Iso Grifo with desirable “Can Am” appointments

– Originally powered by a 327-cid V-8; now equipped with a “Can Am” 454-cid V-8

– Presented in gorgeous dark blue over red pleated leather upholstery

– Series II featuring hidden headlights; equipped with air conditioning, power windows, Blaupunkt AM/FM cassette player, and alloy wheels

Iso Grifo Can Am

John Bolster summed it up nicely in Autosport on August 12, 1966, “I have never driven a car of which the appearance attracted so much favorable comment…for the man who wants the ultimate in two-seaters, this is the best that money can buy.”

Iso Grifo Can Am

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Iso Grifo Logo

Car photos compliments of RM Sotheby’s.
Iso Grifo for Auction in Monterey
Article Name
Iso Grifo for Auction in Monterey
This Iso Grifo is a special example that looks like and performs like a Can Am model but is not really an original Can Am and that is fine with me.


  1. wallace wyss says

    I looked up the auction, RM Sothebys. Apparently the car was over in Europe for decades, which is why we didn’t see it around the US

    They write: “. In 1980, a Mr. Fred Gertz is said to have acquired the car. It remained nearly three decades in his meticulous care before being acquired by Mr. Emile Garcin of St. Remy, France, who commissioned a nut-and-bolt restoration that began in 2009 and was completed in 2011.

    Early in 2019 this car was imported to the United States by the late Dr. Chris Auty, who had the interior recommissioned with custom red leather upholstery and leather-bound Wilton wool carpets. The wood dash was also refinished at this time. Additionally, an extensive mechanical service at a cost of over $30,000 was also performed at this time to make the car touring ready.”

    Seems like a lot spent on mechanical service but hey if it was a Ferrari V12 he would have been a lot more.

    I read up on Dr. Auty and it sounds like car collecting was just one passion One obit said “He was an avid skier, ski coach, cyclist, surfer, boater, golfer and classic car enthusiast. His zest for life was contagious. Whether on his bike, board or skis, he made new friends with every adventure

    • Chris Auty contacted me several years ago when he was starting his search for an Iso Grifo. I introduced him to some Iso resources and then watched from the sideline as he went about his search and acquisition.

  2. What is the trans, and was that replaced, too?

  3. Chris Auty acquired this Grifo for enjoyment after upgrading it to his taste. The main change was to change the interior to the red Franzi leather I put in an Iso Fidia and he saw shown on Pebble Beach. Unfortunately he was never to experience this, together with several other upgrades we did.

    The drive train was taken from a wrecked genuine Can Am in Germany, Iso Grifo #345, a 390hp Corvette 454CID with an optional 5-speed manual ZF transmission. The drive train you see in this picture is what is now in Grifo #340. This Can Am itself still survives, just needs a full restoration.

  4. Chris Lackner says

    I have it as owned in Germany by Gerd Fritz, not Fred Gertz…

  5. Chris, yes Germany but the car is owned by Dieter Perner.

  6. Sold for $390,000.

  7. Not sold, high bid was $390,000

  8. Oh sorry, I posted the wrong picture, Mike. In this post they put the dollar amount in red, meaning no sale. So maybe it was sold afterwards?

  9. You can remove the picture of the targa if you like.

    If Grifo #340 was sold at $390K someone got a really good deal even if the drive train is not factory original.

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