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March 3, 2024

Aggressive Off Road Truck Ad Banned In Australia

Why That Is Good…

by Wallace Wyss –

Awright, already, I am mystified as to why pickup trucks sell so well when 95% of them I see on the road have empty pickup beds. I suspect that it’s the “macho” appearance they project (the “Only a Real man need apply” schtick).

But I didn’t realize how many truck commercials take this you-can-conquer-the-known-world stance until I heard Australia banned a pickup commercial for a Ram 1500. I saw a similar commercial and realized there are dozens of them. All showing risky moves that Could Get You Killed.

It didn’t roll over but I can tell you from having driven off road at speed and every turn, every hill is different. Encouraging this stuff to an average driver is like a gunmaker encouraging fast draw practice for 15 year olds.

The Australian TV commercial was for the RAM 1500 TRX. It was banned in Australia after the Advertising Standard Board’s Community Panel deemed it to be in breach of the FCAI Motor Vehicle Advertising Code by “portraying unsafe driving along with deliberate and significant environmental damage”.

On an Aussie website they said “In the ensuing joy ride, the TRX is shown being punted along a gravel track and through puddles before rooster-tailing its way along the top of Stockton Beach sand dunes with more than 4000 RPM showing on the tach at one point.

The video eventually winds down with the shaken mate acknowledging the owner’s decision to purchase the world’s most powerful pick-up truck. Ad Standards received an extended complaint from the president of a 4×4 club claiming the TVC promoted “hoon driving” and that they were offended on multiple levels, primarily by the “macho” and risky driving behavior and its environmental impact. “The passenger is shown at the end of the advertisement to be frightened by his experience of driving in such an aggressive manner,” the complaint reads. “The display of driving is aggressive – unnecessarily so. It would probably encourage people to try to drive that way themselves, whether they owned a RAM or not.

“The potential for damage to drivers, passengers, cars and the environment is very real. This is not a safe demonstration of a responsible driver and sets an extremely bad example. Despite RAM Trucks Australia addressing all of the complainant’s concerns, including the fact that speeds never exceeded 80km/h, the ad was ultimately deemed to be in breach of FCAI Motor Vehicle Advertising Code clauses 2a (shall not portray unsafe driving) and 2e (shall not portray deliberate and significant environmental damage), with both breaches revolving around the dune footage.”

Here in the US I hate this TV commercial where a young lady is driving an SUV and drives up a mountain aggressively then comes to an abrupt stop 3 feet before a huge drop-off. You’re supposed to admire the fact the vehicle got her to a bit of raw nature but I thought anyone who races toward a cliff edge should reconsider. If they banned commercial in the US, I’d ban that one.

Even the street scenes of takeovers by hot rodders doing drifts are annoying. I remember seeing a Charger commercial where two or three muscle cars are doing broadies at an intersection, and that same weekend I read where a young nurse watching such a unregulated stunt was killed when one of the cars spun out and hit her.

The automakers in the US are lucky that they haven’t been banned so far for showing such irresponsible behavior just so they can sell more tin. They’re pushin’ it…

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THE AUTHOR Wallace Wyss started out as a automotive journalist at Motor Trend and has published 18 car books.


Ford RAM 1500 TRX

A still from the offending commercial

Aggressive Off Road Truck Ad Banned In Australia
Article Name
Aggressive Off Road Truck Ad Banned In Australia
The TV commercial for the Ford RAM 1500 TRX was banned in Australia.


  1. Brian Winer says

    Ah, you might get some flack on this one… Ford has the F150, Super Duty F250 F350 and so on… plus the F150 based Raptor… Ford does not make the RAM 1500 TRX…. Fiat Chrysler did, and they are now Stellantis…Ford has nothing to do with RAM, other than being a competitor….

  2. David Beale says

    You will laugh. As a back country veterinarian my “Green Oval” work vehicle choices are simple, and have been since 1975. Partly technology…..or tHE LACK OF IT ……I CAN FIX ‘EM…..very largely capabiliry, including HANDLING as an intrinsic primary consideration and both primary and secondary safety capability, comfort, longevity, and cost/s.
    Plus the COMPACTNESS of the vehicles [particilarly re the relatively massive room inside] as cf the behemoths currently on offer re anything else. I am not a subscriber to the fake spray mud accessory megalopolia and the “mine’s bigger’n yours” sheet metal size mandate.
    The vehicles all have front ‘roo/crash bars, a maximum of two bar mounted good driving lights, mostly relay powered blue halogen for depth penetration, not LEDs, good jack, extra spare, toolkit, and f/a else.
    It works for me. Best other part…I OWN the things.
    Most are in the 200-300,000 km mark and will be continued in use whilst condition and continued maintnance allow. I DO also have a REAL Disco’s/Rangies mechnic who charges honest prices.
    The vehicles: Rover RRC 3.5 petrol/fuel plus Sagem P38a 4.6’s and particularly Disco 1 3.9i and 300tdi diesels.
    I have addressed the EAS horrorholia of the P38 /air suspensions.

  3. I think Wally meant he has driven ”off the road at speed”. And I am surprised he is joining the cancel culture, maybe he missed the disclaimers that include professional drivers on closed courses.

  4. Cancel culture only so much as I don’t like to encourage ordinary folk with no off road experience to do crazy stunts; you can get killed off road real easy; nature rules and few vehicles allow you to conquer nature.

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