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July 6, 2015

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The Quick, The Crashed, The Lost And The Found Bizzarrini GT 5300

Bizzarrini No. 0258

by Mike - A friend of mine (a long time Bizzarrini GT 5300 owner) who occasionally hung out with Carey Loftin (the movie stunt man) and Max Balchowsky (the racecar builder) told me that it was impossible to tell who owned which car because … [Read more...]

The Self-Driving Car Is Almost Here – Part 3

Autocar Magazine

by Mike - This is the third installment in the self-driven car series. - Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. Legal and Ethics An attorney for the California Department of Motor Vehicles raised concerns that "The technology is ahead of the … [Read more...]

An Arnolt-Bristol In Australia

Arnolt Bristol

by Mike - Stephen Hawkins and his father, Ray, now share on an Australian TV show their beautiful and reliable Arnolt-Bristol. They have earlier shared their Iso Grifo. The video below is only 5:20 long and is interesting. The sound of … [Read more...]

The Ferrari Testa Rossa TRC

Ferrari Testa Rossa TRC in 1957

by Mike - While I was flipping through the December 1957 issue of Road & Track I came across the test drive report for the Ferrari TRC-2500 Testa Rossa. I knew that I had seen this car before although it looked a little bit … [Read more...]

Iso Isetta – The Mille Miglia Race Car

Iso Isetta

by Mike - Iso was a manufacturer of scooters after World war II so naturally the first version of the Isetta had a one cylinder scooter engine, although this engine used the Iso internal twin-piston design. After World War II cheap … [Read more...]

Maserati Tipo 151 – A Recreation

Maserati Tipo 151 Recreation

by Mike - A while back Tony Olissoff from New Zealand sent me photos of a Maserati Tipo 151 race car which I later learned no longer exists because it was crashed. Only three Tipo 151s were made to begin with and out of the three only one … [Read more...]

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