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February 23, 2024

The Iso Grifo Spider/Targa Mystery Continues

by Mike – 

Pierre Brunner writes to me about Iso Grifo No. 011 and sends this picture below.

“Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures of Grifo No. 011.

Attached is a picture of a yellow Pavesi Grifo, with a vent on the left rear fender.”

Iso Grifo


Simon Vels said about Grifo No. 011 “It was silver when I bought it but I found evidence of yellow paint.”

The Grifo in the picture above must certainly be Grifo No. 011.

I also believe that Grifo No. 011 is the car in this picture below and that this car does not have the vent on the left fender. It appears that these two cars are also a different color. I believe that yellow would appear darker than this in a black and white photo.

So what happened to Grifo No. 011 between the time that the black and white photo was taken and the time that the color photo above was taken?

“ISORIVOLTA, The Men and The Machines” by Winston Goodfellow, page 328

“ISORIVOLTA, The Men and The Machines” by Winston Goodfellow, page 328

Iso Grifo


  1. Grifo4me says

    Note Interior is black, I think it may just be the poor detail combined with the light color and camera angle.

  2. Hello Guys , fantastic to see the picture of the yellow targa.! Is there more grifo info in the book or flyer it came out ?

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