My Car Quest

February 7, 2023

Another Monterey Car Week is in the Rear View Mirror

by Mike Gulett - There is so much going on during Monterey Car Week that I know I missed a lot but still also saw a lot. Here are some cars that I thought were interesting. An astounding price for this Porsche 928 This Porsche 928 GTS … [Read more...]

Another Iso Grifo for Auction in Monterey

It is not often we see more than one Iso Grifo for auction in the same week in the same town. Let's enjoy it! by Mike Gulett - All Iso Grifos are special because they are so rare and have a unique history. This one is extra special because it … [Read more...]

Sell Your Classic Car On My Car Quest

by Mike - Recently I wrote about the economics of selling a classic car at an auction, specifically the Tatra T87 and a comparison of the world record highest price paid for an Iso Grifo (the purple 7 Liter) and what I believe to be the world … [Read more...]

The Iso Grifo Targa Moves On

by Mike - The Iso Grifo Targa recently sold on My Car Quest has left Louisiana and will soon be at its new home. Here are the last photos before the trip up north. Photos by Walter Kirtland. If you missed this Iso Grifo don't … [Read more...]

The Economics Of Two Different Selling Methods For Two Different Iso Grifos

by Mike - When the time comes to sell our classic car some of us struggle with how to do so and get the most out of it with the least effort and the least risk. Yesterday I announced that the rare Iso Grifo Targa had sold here on My Car Quest. … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo For Sale – A Very Rare Iso Grifo Targa – SOLD!!

This rare Iso Grifo Targa has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to West Virginia from Louisiana! Multiple bidders resulting in world record economics! Congratulations to both seller and buyer. If you want to sell your classic car on My … [Read more...]