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March 21, 2023

Archives for October 2012

John Fitch Has Died

by Mike - John Fitch has died at the age of 95. He was so much more than just a great race car driver. I wrote a little about him here: John Fitch – A Great Racing Driver And Much More Read more at Autoweek. … [Read more...]

I Love The Iso Rivolta GT And You Should Too

by Mike - I have mentioned before that I think the Iso Rivolta GT is an underrated classic car. I owned an Iso Rivolta GT for nearly two years. It spent a lot of that time in the shop going through a full mechanical restoration. When I … [Read more...]

A Pretty Lady Parks Her AC Bristol In Carmel – The Video

by Mike - This pretty lady was parking her AC Bristol, with Georgia license plates, on Ocean Avenue in Carmel for the Concours on the Avenue on August 14, 2012. She was getting a lot of attention and help. Watch the video. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Iso Bizzarrini GT 5300 Race Car Is For Sale

by Mike - Iso/Bizzarrini chassis No. 0222 is for sale. This is the Bizzarrini that won its class and was ninth overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965. The seller says: "This car, chassis 0222, is the Bizzarrini works entry for … [Read more...]

Giotto Bizzarrini Receives An Honorary Doctorate From the University of Florence (Italy)

by Mike - Giotto Bizzarrini worked at Alfa Romeo and later at Ferrari as chief engineer and as developer, designer and a very skilled test driver. His masterpiece at Ferrari was the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. The engineering of the Ferrari 250 GTE, … [Read more...]

Remember When Fins Were In? – Will They Ever Come Back?

by Mike - In the 1950s American car styling took a turn to the 'unusual' with the movement to fins. Fins were big in the 1950s until the early 1960s. Even Ferrari got into the act. Virgil Exner with Studebaker and Chrysler led the way … [Read more...]