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April 13, 2024

The Very Unusual Iso Grifo Sold!

by Mike –

A Very Unusual Iso Grifo For Sale was auctioned at RM in London for £128,800 ($208,000).

The estimate was £120,000-160,000.

Iso Grifo race car

I think this is a strong price for an Iso Grifo that has been so heavily modified. Maybe this is an indication of the market for the Iso Grifo?

This Iso Grifo was the subject of a survey on My Car Quest.

The RM auction results are here.

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Iso Grifo logo


  1. Good car to flip, fix the racing bits and you have a 320K car.

  2. Personally I don’t like the modified or tuned Grifos. It is a rare car made in few pieces and in my opinion the best way is always a restoration to the original specs. I like the Gandini’s S2 nose only on genuine S2 cars, even though this car seems to be “updated” by the factory itself. Is there any document or certificate from IR to confirm it?

  3. On the subject of high prices for modified cars – there was an article about the Baldwin Motion Grifo in the October “Thoroughbred and Classic Cars” magazine. The writer “Paul Hardiman”, states that “This is the rarest Gfifo in the World, so the seller can name his price”, and J D Classics have -they are asking GBP255,000 for it! I think that this is a very high price for what is a hot-rodded car. Personally I don’t consider that the Baldwin modifications make this car more desireable or add any value – in fact I think they do the reverse. However clever marketing can achieve some astonishing results. This must be the most talked up grifo in existance and the T&CC article is just another chapter so it will be interesting to follow what happens with this car.

    • I agree with you and so I don’t like any modified Grifo. No targa or spider conversion, customization made by the owner, updates to 7L or S2 model and so on… I consider all these things as a downgrade and in my opinion they reduce the car value.

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