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July 25, 2024

Iso Grifo Engine Work And A Drive Video

by Mike –

This past summer it was necessary to rebuild the Iso Grifo engine. Don’t ask why it was needed it just was, because fluids were not staying where they belonged. This was painful but the result is terrific.

Iso Grifo

The engine was removed and just about everything that can be done to an engine was done. It is never a good feeling to look in the engine bay and see the garage floor instead of the engine.

Iso Grifo without engine

Iso Grifo engine

Something Is Not Right

Iso Grifo

Organization Is Important

Iso Grifo engine

Ready To Go Back In

Iso Grifo engine

Almost Done

Iso Grifo engine


Iso Grifo

Ready For The Road

The rebuild was required to be done before mid-August because my wife and I drive the Grifo to Monterey Car Week every year. It was done on time and performed perfectly on the drive to and from Monterey and ever since.

Below is a short driving video – turn up the sound.

Iso Grifo

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

My thanks to Scott Riechers and Addison Lee at Borelli Motor Sports for doing a great job. Some photos are by Kevin Yuchi Chan who stopped to see the Grifo when we were parked in Saratoga while making this video. That happens a lot with the Iso Grifo. Some of the video is by Paul Fuller. We used a GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition
video camera bought from Amazon.

Iso Grifo and engine

The Engine Seems Eager To Go Back In

Iso Grifo logo

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