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May 22, 2024

Car Of The Day – Classic Car For Sale – The Original Batmobile – Take The Survey

by Mike –

Here is my pick for the classic car for sale today that I would maybe like to own, although I do not know what I would do with it.

This is the original Batmobile created by George Barris for the 1960s TV series Batman that made Adam West a star.

The Original Number 1 Batmobile – Take The Survey Below


I am sure you have all read that the Batmobile is up for auction and what a cultural icon it is because all of us kids of a certain age saw this car every week on TV.

I will not repeat any of that because what I am really interested in is what will the price be? It is part of the Barrett Jackson Salon Collection which means there is a reserve, so it may not sell.

The auction is in Arizona from January 13-20, 2013 and the Batmobile is scheduled to be auctioned on Saturday January 19.

Batmobile and Batman

Barrett Jackson says:

The 1966 Batmobile by George Barris is the most recognized and popular piece of entertainment history, worldwide, that has become an icon, an icon that has been carried from generation to generation of Batmobiles to follow.

“Holy hyperbole Batman!”, said Robin.


Participate in the survey below and let us all know what you think the hammer price will be. One response per person please. You may remain anonymous at your option.

The survey will close at noon California time on Thursday January 17 and I will publish the results by the end of the day on Friday January 18.

The Survey Is Now Closed – The Results Will Be Published On Friday January 18.


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  1. roadsterdesigner says

    I saw this novelty in person when a friend was transporting someplace in the northeast. No comment.

  2. Memento mori says

    As a kid, I made built a plastic model of the Ford Futura – one of Ford’s ‘Cars of the Future’, that was modified to become the Batmobile.

    Although the Batmobile is now an iconic piece of American culture, I’d like to see the vehicle restored back to the Futura.

    • After a $4.6 million auction price I don’t think the Batmobile is going to change.

      • Memento mori says

        ‘sorry to disappoint you, Mike, but since mine was the winning bid, I might still change it back. After $3.5 million, however, I started to question my resolve to do so!

        • Please keep us informed as to your decision.

          • Memento mori says

            Okay, after much internal torment, I’ve decided to leave it as the Batmobile.

            However, as I look at it in my living room, I’ll always see it as a silver Futura!

          • Good decision – think of future generations and the kids who love this car just as it is!

  3. There’s plenty of money floating out there. This is a piece of cinematographic history. Millions of us watched the show and besides Batman, its the show’s most recognizable artifact. Its value would be higher for someone out of California as the car and the show were created here and Barris’ shop is (was) in North Hollywood on Riverside Dr. (I can stand corrected). Of course, this car would not have the same connotation to a bidder from Eastern Europe, for example…

  4. I pegged it at $300k to $500k range. Again, many factors involved. Strong bids would come from the generation that grew up with the original show, couple that with some one who is a George Barris fan and of course a movie buff. The number would also depend on the overall condition of the vehicle and the fact its the first of several. Maybe someone out there can tell how much the replicas are going for. As I can recall, a good true to original replica fetches over $100k.

    This has Hollywood history all over it and its a car. Happens also to be one of the most recognizable cars. Imagine watching the original show on TV and then going to the garage and sitting in that same car…. Kind of priceless, don’t you agree?

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