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June 16, 2024

The Original Batmobile – Wow What A Price!!

by Mike –

My scale for the Batmobile price survey was way off – but then again the buyer may be way off too.

Batman and Robin

The sales price was $4.2 million!

I still say what are you going to do with the Batmobile – especially one that costs $4.2 million?

Batmobile number one

Batman pow

Stay tuned for future episodes to find out what our new hero does with the $4.2 million Batmobile!

Batmobile number one

Congratulations to George Barris!



  1. Yep, I was off…

  2. Well, Mike you did have the “over $500,000” category ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for trying to make me feel better but “over $500K” and $4.2 million are not in the same ballpark!

      I had no clue – my guess was in the $300K range. I believe this was not a good investment and was bought for other reasons by someone who does not care about $4.2 million.

  3. I side with you on the value of the investment which is “none”. This was bought more as a novelty, art, Hollywood memorabilia or a combination of all. Viewing this as a car investment is not even close to justifying the final bid. Did the auction disclose the buyer?

    • I saw the buyer on TV but I did not catch his name – but someone must know it was on Speed Channel.

      And from what I could tell there were two bidders who decided to flip a coin after the bidding went crazy to see who would be the buyer.

  4. Perhaps proxies for museums or movie memorabilia collectors

  5. Intersting about the coin. So there were TWO people who didn’t care for $4.2 million.

    • Yes, two people who were willing to pay $4.2 million but I guess they decided that Mr. Barris and Mr. Jackson should not get any more.

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