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March 3, 2024

Bizzarrini GT 5300


  1. I was able to take a good, long look at this Bizzarrini at Quail and would that I could acquire it. I am a fan of Giotto’s designs and this example is as good as it gets.

  2. Good for you, Mike – I couldn’t agree more with all you said in your reply. Although I’m sad to hear you are selling it (but that’s your business, of course) whoever buys it will own one of the very best and most original Bizzarrinis anywhere, and I have known about #256 since long before you acquired it. I wish I could afford it!
    Chris Lackner – Secretary & Founder – Iso/Bizzarrini Club UK

  3. Mike, I understand why you responded to this particular post but you know that he is “just a smuck”. That handle or pseudonym says it all. It’s obvious that this person has no idea of what he/she is talking about. I call such dumbness a “fart in the dark”.

  4. ScuderiaPacNW says

    Have seen Mike’s car and it is awesome. The following quotes also comes to mind;
    “Wise is the man who knows he is not, yet seeks wisdom.”
    “I refuse to enter into a contest of wits with an unarmed man.”
    “Oh, snap…you just got powned.”

  5. Dear Mike,
    Although I have never met you in person, I know you are a person of integrity and high values, who has a genuine love of all classic cars, but especially of Isos and Bizzarinis. I know this just from continuously reading “My Car Quest”, and through your communications to me and others via this blog. Obviously, “justasmuk”, is, in reality, JUST A SCHMUCK, who is just jealous of you, your fine automobile, and the respect that you have earned from others in the world of classic cars. I would say that the best strategy for dealing with “haters”, is to ignore them, while they play with their computers, while living in their mother’s basements. Best of everything to you, and always continued success. I know that a TRUE car aficianado will soon purchase your car for its true value, and as always, the highlight of my day is reading “My Car Quest”. Glenn in the Bronx, New York

  6. As a regular reader of the BAT website, it is a shame that only a minority of the comments that were posted were posted by anyone with even a minimal knowledge about the rare and special qualities of your car or the marque as a whole. Unfortunately, the comments on the BAT website have increasingly turned into personal commentaries on the sellers asking price and lack any real substance. Having seen my fair share of Bizzarinis, I have yet to see a better one than #256, and hope that the next caretaker is only half as appreciative as you have been over the last five years.

  7. Thank you all for the supportive comments – it is appreciated. The reader demographic of Bring A Trailer is apparently quite different than My Car Quest. I sometimes visit BaT but I have learned to not read the comments. However, when they featured my Bizzarrini, which I did not ask for, I could not resist reading the comments.

    I was quite surprised at what I read and this last one was just mean spirited and full of obvious mistakes. Like saying this Bizzarrini would not be invited to The Quail if not for the Iso anniversary without realizing that I had taken this Bizzarrini to The Quail in 2009. How dumb is that? And the personal attacks on me – what’s that all about?

  8. I have judged the Bizzarrini class at CI numerous times , one year including all the Biz spyders and I can say your car is world class, right there with the best of the marque.

  9. Mike real italian enthusiasts appreciate your car a lot dont worry about such a persons.

    They can judge maybe VW Beetle from early 40-50s and i dont want to outrage anybody.

  10. Hi Mike!
    Came across your website whilst searching for an Iso Grifo. You have nothing to worry about with that schmuck, they are commonly known as trolls and basically are no lifers wanting to stir sh*t up. It’s a shame you’re selling her but I guess you have your reason. Thanks for keeping such an amazing and rare machine in tip top shape for all of us to oggle.

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