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December 10, 2023

Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada


  1. Mike,
    My car was next to yours at Quail, so I got a good look at your car. Having owned 3 Bizzarrinis (still own 2), I know a nice car when I see it, and yours is truly outstanding! I cannot believe you are going to sell your car! They are so rare, and as we both know, once it is gone, you can never get it back for what you sell it for! Please re-consider!

    The market still hasn’t understood that this car, as Bizzarrini’s improvement of the GTO, is a far better race car! I am aware of a couple Bizzarrini’s that will be newly entering the race scene this year. It will be interesting to see how people react when they see the $1 million Bizzarrini’s beating the $30 million GTO’s!!

    Think long and hard before selling!

    • Scot, I am thinking and it is really sad but nothing is done until it is done and I am in no hurry.

      I posted many photos of Bizzarrinis from The Quail in the Forum at the link below and sure enough there is your beautiful Corsa next to my Strada:

      I knew that was your car Scott, although I must say that day went by in a blur.

  2. Mike, its great to see the impact you and your site is having on the classic automotive world. If anything, the usual BaT crowd got some free education. I’m glad to see you’ve included one of my comments as well. Its very amusing how people who can’t even afford a TICKET to the Quail or Concourse will criticize the car that they probably never heard of before. I guess that’s the beauty of free speech.

    I also tend to agree with above comment regarding selling your car. I don’t see this car being replaceable at $700k due to its condition, options and rarity. However, in the meantime I’m actively participating in California Lotto ))

    • George,

      I really do appreciate the appreciation. I do know that if I sell this Bizzarrini that I will never own another Bizzarrini of the same caliber because finding one would be difficult and then the price in the future will be a lot more than my selling price today.

  3. ~ hey Mike, i’m so glad you’ve made time to give this statement, since i read the entire BaT thread and somehow managed to avoid joining the fray. i was speculating as to your reaction knowing there had been some ‘inaccuracies’. as i expected from my limited contact with you, your reply is quite restrained and respectful.
    . my response; the one big question i haven’t puzzled through yet is, what vehicle can you possibly be considering as a replacement?? having seen the feast of examples you’ve listed in the recent finds i would expect the decision would make other mortals absolutely dizzy!
    . looking forward to next semester with sincere thanks for all i’ve learned. sc

    • Scot – I rarely comment on BaT and I certainly did not ask them to publish my Bizzarrini. I am surprised that they did because the price range is way above the range for the cars that they normally write about.

      It did make for some entertainment though didn’t it? I could not let some of those comments stand without providing better information and I don’t think I could have done that in the BaT format. I do appreciate the many commenters who were knowledgeable and intelligent about what they said.

      For my future cars – there are clues in my Car of the Day feature, both past and future.

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