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February 26, 2024

A Ford Mustang Prototype

by Mike –

Have you ever heard of this Mustang Prototype? Me neither, yet here it is.

This is the story as presented on the plaque that was on this car at the recent Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.

Ford Mustang Prototype

This Looks Like A Mustang – Except For A Few Details

Mustang Prototype History

This Mustang is one of ten pre-production chassis especially modified by shortening the chassis, increasing the engine displacement from 260 cid to 302 cid, adding three Ford engineered carburetors and designing a two passenger coupe in fiberglass.

Ford Mustang Prototype

The Tail Lights Look Like A Mustang But Not Much Else Does

The design is by Vince Gardner and it was built by Detroit Tube for Ford.

Ford Mustang Prototype

It Looks Too Short To Be A Mustang

This prototype was shown to Ford dealers on a tour throughout the US. It was stolen in early 1965 by Gardner after the tour was over because he believed that Ford would crush it.

It was walled up in a warehouse in Inkster, Michigan and not discovered for many months.

Ford Mustang Prototype

The Rear Side Window Is Quite Different Than The Production Mustang As Is The Body Shape

After the insurance company paid for the loss, Aetna stored it at their headquarters, outside, until it was purchased by one of their executives and subsequently sold to the current owner.

No wonder we have never heard about this Mustang prototype – no one would believe this story!

Ford Mustang Prototype

The Interior Looks Like A Mustang

Ford Mustang Prototype

The Rear Does Not Look Much Like A Mustang

Ford Mustang Prototype

What Is That Gas Cap Doing There?

After looking at this design I think we all should be happy that Ford went with the Mustang design we have all come to know and love.

Let us know in the Comments if you agree, or not.

Part 2 is here.



Ford Mustang Prototype

The Rear View


  1. Seanglenn says

    Dear Mike,
    There was an entire article on this car and these prototype 2-seat Ford Mustangs in the Hemmings blog from the week before last, I believe. It was a study to see if they should build a Mustang sportscar to compete with the Corvette, and the article included various sketches of other proposed prototypes, including the one shown here. The article even mentioned this specific car to be displayed at Amelia. It was an excellent article, and I believe that the article mentioned that Ford went with the four-seater because they knew the market appeal of a two-seater would be severely limited in terms of volume sales. Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  2. Barrett Privett says

    The car seemed to be featured for the cover of the 1967 Issue of Car Craft

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