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June 20, 2024

“Oh – This Is So Good!”

by Mike –

There are many places where we all can spend our time on the Internet and many of you have chosen to spend some time with My Car Quest. It must be because you like what I write about, and the photos – but there is something more. I don’t think of classic cars as a hobby but as art, a lifestyle, and an obsession. Maybe you do too.

I receive and reply to emails from many of you about something important you are doing, maybe considering buying a car, or selling a car. I try to help, I make introductions and I share what I know and let you know what I don’t know. There are also many fascinating Post Comments too.

My Car Quest


There have been connections made; there was the reader who wrote a comment about a race in 1963 that I had mentioned. He let us know that he attended that race in person to celebrate his 13th birthday – a gift from his older brother. He shared an important memory that was triggered by something I had written.

Another writer sent me a photo of a car asking a question about its history. I posted the photo and we were soon reading about this one of a kind car from a My Car Quest reader who is the owner of the unique car and lives a few thousands miles away from the writer with the question.

Recently the owners of two cars I profiled wrote in to correct some information. I do not know either of these owners but they are either My Car Quest readers or someone told them that their car was on My Car Quest.

We have seen photos sent in from readers attending events that most of us may not be able to attend because of the distance.

Shared Stories

My Car Quest is a place where we share stories, photos of our cars, adventures, our passion and our memories. There are certainly other places where you can do this and there is no reason why we can’t visit several Internet sites on the same subject.

I am only one person so I cannot write comprehensively about the classic car world. There are professional well-funded magazines for that. I write about what interests me and I have found that there are many of you who are interested as well. I also love to publish stories and car photos from you – I always learn something.

I want My Car Quest to be free from the influence of advertisers, big companies, editors and publishers and I think you do too.

The only way to do this is to become totally independent of other media entities and rely entirely on Members for the small financial support needed for My Car Quest.

My Car Quest Membership

This small Membership fee is only $2.99 US per month (less than 10 cents US a day) and less than the cost of one cup of coffee at Starbucks per month.

For this small fee you get full access to all of the Premium Articles and you get the satisfaction of supporting My Car Quest.

I hope you will become a Member of My Car Quest and help keep it going strong.

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Here are some comments and emails from some of you (I have removed names to protect the innocent):

Dear Mike, I have no idea how you (Car Quest) found me but you are now my favourite website! What a wonderful job you have done in such a short period of time (unless you really embarrass me by telling me that you have been around for ten years!).

I love the fact that your articles are so informative, and checking the related advertising is optional and not immediately thrust down ones throat (eyes) when logging on. The articles are so good, and genuinely presented by true enthusiasts with real ownership experience rather than ‘anoraks’ (an English term) who just ponder and speculate, often dangerously.

Perhaps its also because your particular interest is getting closer and closer to mine, as I expand beyond my decades-long focus on Aston Martin and Ferrari, and into cars like the Mangusta (bought a ‘Euro 289’ recently) and the Apollo (looking at one) and the Iso Grifo (hope to persuade a friend to sell his to me).

Keep up the excellent work, With thanks and regards,

 Thank you for your excellent website. I look forward to what wonderful car you will highlight next. During my youth in the 70s I dreamt about many of these cars. My first car was an Austin Healey. Sadly, I have wandered far from that now, but thanks to your website I still get to enjoy the exotic sports car culture.
Best regards,

This is so good!

Fascinating blog.

Great pictures! Post more, I’m living vicariously through them.

Great article Mike. Really enjoyed reading it.

Love your blog, Mike. The GTO is a very special car and, like you, I am fascinated by the Bizzarrini as the image of what the GTO might have become had Giotto remained with Ferrari.

Wow – that 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC is so awesome looking. Thank for the great picture show. It is a nice break from my boring work.


A beautiful blog! I have linked you to mine.

There are many others but you get the idea.

Mike Gulett


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Mike Gulett

Mike Gulett

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