My Car Quest

September 16, 2021

Today Is Thanksgiving in America

by Mike Gulett - This is a Thanksgiving like no other in our lifetime thanks to the novel coronavirus which is infecting and killing us at a record pace. Even those of us not directly impacted by the virus have had our lives turned upside … [Read more...]

My Car Quest Wins An Award – Again!

by Mike Gulett - My Car Quest has won an Automotive Heritage Awards Journalism Award - yes this very blog you are reading now - for the second consecutive year! Under the category of Best Heritage Blog or Column for 2020 My Car Quest won the … [Read more...]

The Search For Collector Car Authenticity

If not for the coronavirus we would be approaching Monterey Car Week right now. Where we would be seeing a serious number of cars cross the auction block resulting in a serious amount of money changing hands in mid-August. I thought the subject … [Read more...]

Let’s Make The Best Of Shelter-In-Place

by Mike Gulett - We have been under shelter-in-place orders for a little more than three weeks now here in Monterey County, California with a few more weeks to go. It seems longer but the calendar tells me this is true. My wife, Rebecca, and I … [Read more...]

A Moment of Respite

  We know, we know, this coronavirus is sucking up 96% of the news and the thoughts of many of us. First, if you have just come across My Car Quest for the first time, we apologize for not featuring very much about the virus but instead we … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

The 2019 My Car Quest Highlights Video is here now. by Mike Gulett - Below is a 5:24 minute video (no sound) of the highlights of My Car Quest for 2019 in photos. There were 211 posts in 2019, if you missed any they are all still here in the … [Read more...]