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June 20, 2024

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of The Iso Grifo and The 60th Anniversary of The Iso Isetta – In Italy

by Mike –

Many Iso enthusiasts from several countries in Europe and from the US are meeting in Italy next week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Iso Grifo and the 60th Anniversary of the Iso Isetta.

Iso Isetta

Iso Isetta

We will take a grand tour around Italy, visiting all the major places important to the history of Iso Rivolta and Bizzarrini. More than ten Iso drivers from France, England, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and Germany have confirmed that they will join the Iso/Bizzarrini Tour 2013, as well as five from the US (without our cars, unfortunately).

I am going on this trip and I am looking forward to meeting many new people.

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo

We will meet Marella Rivolta (Zagato), Andrea Zagato, Roberto Negri, Federico Negri, Piero Rivolta, Lele Rivolta and Giotto Bizzarrini. We will visit Zagato in Rho, Il Bottegone in Clusone, the new Ferrari Museum Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, meet with Giotto Bizzarrini in Livorno and see the Iso Museum in Bresso.

We celebrate in Bresso on Saturday 27 April 2013.

1963 Iso Grifo A3/L Prototype

1963 Iso Grifo A3/L Prototype

I plan to publish several posts and many photos about this celebration week.

Several people have been involved in organizing this event and I want to thank Ferdinand Leopolder, Flavio Campetti, Jack Koobs de Hartog and Don Meluzio (President of the Iso & Bizzarrini Owner’s Club) for leading this venture. I am sure there must be others who deserve thanks as well and I will add their names to future posts.


  1. roger ramjet says

    Sounds like a great trip Mike!!! Do not forget us here in gringo land, and remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words! Find me a good Rivolta GT there, if its a great car please leave a deposit for me!!

  2. georgeg20 says

    When I started to read the article I was very excited for you until I got the part where it said that you are not taking your cars. I could almost feel the disappointment. Then I read the list of special people you are meeting and realized that being there without your car was a small price to pay just to be in their presence. Have fun on the trip. I would love to have my Bizzarrini book signed by Giotto…

  3. Congratulations Mike! We envy you!!!!

    best wishes


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