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April 17, 2024

Classic Car For Sale – 1972 Lamborghini Espada For Sale

by Mike –

This beautiful Lamborghini Espada is for sale and is my pick for the Car of the Day that I would like to own. I saw this Lamborghini Espada at Concorso Italiano in Monterey this past August and was struck by the beautiful restoration.

It was on display in the special display area and I spoke briefly with the owner.

Lamborghini Espada

1972 Lamborghini Espada

The seller says,

After 20+ years in storage the car was “saved” and found to have no rust issues or collision damage, making it a perfect example to resurrect. The car was completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt with the exception of the motor. A leak-down test was performed on the original motor prior to removal and had less than 5% on all cylinders, so a rebuild of the lower end commenced. The heads were pulled to clean and detail the block, new timing chains and lips seals were replaced throughout. The suspension was stripped, bead blasted and repainted, new wheel bearings were installed and the shocks were rebuilt by Truchoice in Ohio. A new clutch and pressure plate were installed as well an updated NOS waterpump. EZ electric power steering was installed under the dash making the car much more pleasant to drive and park in town. The transmission and differential were disassembled, cleaned and new seals installed, the radiator was also opened and cleaned. The original York AC compressor was removed and replaced with an upgraded Sanden 508 rotary compressor, the headers and Ansa exhaust were powder-coated.

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada

The mileage is 33,244 and the price is $185,784.


This is a high price for an Espada and the dealer compares it to an Espada and an Islero sold at auction in Monterey this year. The Espada sold at the Gooding auction for $214,500 and was a one-off with a special history; it has a “distinctive Plexiglas Roof and Metallic Blue Paint and was driven by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix”.

The Islero also sold at the Gooding auction for $247,500 and was once owned by Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Other Espadas and Isleros cannot be compared to these two cars when determining a price in my opinion.

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada

Let us know what you think about this classic car in the Comments.

Lamborghini Espada

Lamborghini Espada

Classic Car For Sale - 1972 Lamborghini Espada For Sale
Article Name
Classic Car For Sale - 1972 Lamborghini Espada For Sale
This Lamborghini Espada is for sale.


  1. Especially love this Espada’s colour,the interior looks stunning and probably well worth this kind of money!

    • Jonathan,

      I agree with you on the color. Lamborghini may be the only car company that can make brown look fabulous.

      The appearance of this car was flawless and looked brand new. If the mechanicals are as good this is one special Espada.

      Also, they installed the EZ electric power steering which I installed on my Iso Grifo and I love it.

  2. David Lang says

    I have a 1970 Series I Espada and love the car. It is a little different and has a mid 80s Corvette engine with Tuned Port Injection and a five speed installed by the previous owner. This hurts the value but I am able to drive the car regularly without worry of expensive mechanical repairs.
    These cars have been underappreciated but I can see positive changes coming.

    • David,

      I agree the Espada has been under appreciated. Your Espada reminds me of my Iso Grifo or a Mangusta – Italian on the outside and American on the inside – a great combination.

      BTW if you want to put a V12 Lamborghini engine in that Espada I know where one can be found.

  3. is this car for sale thanks

  4. Sean Cashin says

    Just sold this car to a deserving and charming new owner. Keep sharin the love gents and ladies! Come see us at Ferrari of Denver!

  5. madison mical says

    My dad gave me a Lamborghini Espada 1972 he got in palambo Ilty ,it belong to the manenger of Lamborghini.This car is blue/volit ,it has 4200 ka. We have a silva one too, that is a 1972.

  6. Roberto Rizza says

    How can I get in touch with Mike that owns this 1972 Lamborghini Espada?

  7. Ask Pokey says

    I believe this car once belonged to a Rock and Roll singer named Kent Lavoy—his big hit was “Me and a dog named boo”. Kent lived in Orlando and I bought the car from him in 1975—identical color combination and year.
    The car was then sold about two years later to someone back in Orlando.

  8. Roberto Rizza says

    What would one 1972 Brown Lamborghini Espada with 12,000 miles, sell for. Garage kept, everything original. Tan leather interior needs restoration. body in excellent shape. Engine turns over.

  9. HI, missed my Chance in 2010 to get one for under 50,..and Still Want one.. Do you think i may Find one still available that someone may TRADE for my GiallO FLY MaranellO?

    • I feel sorry that I missed the chance to buy an Espada at those low prices too. I don’t think a good Espada can be had for the price of a 550 Maranello. I love the 550 Maranello and I owned one and drove it every day for more than a year.

  10. I’m still enjoying my 1970 series 1 Espada with the Chevy L98 engine and Tuned Port Injection that I purchased five years ago. I an thrilled to see the 1972 Espada described above given the attention these great cars deserve.
    I have seen Espadas make some, however slow, progress in value over the past five years but only a few of them with very special history have made a real breakout in the market.
    My other car, a 1974 Jensen Interceptor, is experiencing the same slow progress in the market. The Jensen is among the best driving cars I have owned during the last 50 years and it too deserves to take a better place in the collector car market.

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