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July 25, 2024

The Studebaker Avanti Once Owned By Dick Van Dyke

by Mike –

I was visiting my friends Ron and Sonya Kellogg in Southern California yesterday and sitting in their garage is one of their recent acquisitions. They bought this beautiful 1963 Studebaker Avanti R-1 Coupe at the Auctions America Burbank auction in August 2013.

Studebaker Avanti

This excellent Avanti was ordered new by television and film star Dick Van Dyke.

Ron Kellogg and his Studebaker Avanti

Ron Kellogg and his Studebaker Avanti

Auctions America said this,

* 289-cid, 240-hp OHV V-8 engine, three-speed automatic transmission

* White with maroon interior, deep red carpets

* Ordered new by TV and film star Dick Van Dyke’s car

* Excellent condition throughout

Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Avanti

This is an original low mileage (less than 15,000 miles) example with what looks like the original tires and it may be the best Avanti that I have seen in person.

This subpurb Avanti sold for $29,700 US including the buyers commission.

Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Avanti

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Studebaker Avanti

Studebaker Avanti

The Studebaker Avanti Once Owned By Dick Van Dyke
Article Name
The Studebaker Avanti Once Owned By Dick Van Dyke
This beautiful, original 1963 Studebaker Avanti was originally owned by TV and movie star Dick Van Dyke.


  1. A lot of car and history for 29K Supercalifragilistic !

  2. This is an excellent price for such a low-mileage classic, and will only appreciate in value, especially with the celebrity connection. Please correct me if I am wrong, but don’t all the Avanti’s with the hood cutout on the right side like this one possess the Paxton supercharged engines? They are much rarer than the ones with the regular unblown 289, and makes this car even more valuable. Please follow up and let me know if I am correct, for I am pretty sure the unblown Avanti’s have just the straight, smooth, regular hood with no cutout. Thanks! Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

    • Glenn – this one does not have a supercharger – there is a photo of the engine bay.

      • Yes, I looked at the picture of the engine bay, and could not find the supercharger there, but thought I was missing something or losing my mind. Then, I guess I am wrong – that the cutout on the right side of the hood is just a design element flourish for the original Studebaker Avantis. I saw one with the Paxton supercharger this summer at a car show, and it had the cutout, but it must be generic to all the original Studebaker Avantis, with or withourt the supercharger. But, I am pretty sure, all the later non-Studebaker Avanti II’s that I have seen, which never came with a supercharger option, definitely don’t have that design flourish, and possess the smooth, complete hood. Thank you for responding. Every single day, I learn something new from you and your site! Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  3. David Grant says

    Glenn, All Avanti automobiles had the raised panel on the left side of the hood. This is a carryover design Raymond Loewy used on the BMW 507 ,that he had re-bodied. Take a look at this BMW, now owned by the Los Angeles County Museum, that was on display at Pebble Beach 2013 honoring the BMW 507 and you will see many designs that influenced the Avanti. Besides, the Paxton Supercharger was mounted on the right side of the engine. My 1964 Avanit I purchased from the original owner in 1975 was delivered with air conditioning and a 4 speed. The A/C was also mounted on the right side of the engine. I have several Paxton superchargers, but I prefer to keep my Avanti the way it came from Studebaker.

    David Grant, California

    • Thank you, Mr. David Grant, for settling that for me, and congratulations for owning such a classic automobile. How about the subsequent, non-Studebaker Avanti II and the ones that came after? I don’t remember seeing that design flourish on the non-Studebaker Avanti’s, and those are the ones I have seen the most of since I was a kid (I am 50). I have seen the non-Studebaker Avanti II’s most commonly in metallic blue or metallic silver colors, although I did see the occasional red, white, or black one as well. I don’t remember seeing that Raymond Loewy design flourish on those, but I am getting older now, and maybe I am wrong. I have not seen an Avant II in about 20 years or so at this point. Thanks again for your help. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  4. Dave you will also notice the hood design goes right through the windshield and becomes the top of the instrument cluster. My favorite part of the car’s design!!

  5. Timing is everything as this was sent to me today as we are readying a Studebaker Avanti Supercharged model in celebration of 50th anniversary of the Avanti. For further details, please visit

    Jim Cowen

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