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April 18, 2024

Another Iso Grifo For Sale In Amelia Island This Year

by Mike –

It is a rare auction week when there are any Iso Grifos for sale – yet two are coming up for auction at Amelia Island in March.

This 1973 Iso Grifo Series II is at the Gooding auction.

Iso Grifo Series 2

The estimate is $300,000 – $400,000. This is Grifo chassis No. 350410 and was originally sold in Italy.

Iso Grifo Series 2

Gooding says,

* Among the Very Last Iso Grifos Built
* One of Only 34 Ford-Powered Examples
* Ideally Specified for Grand Touring
* Retained By One Owner from 1975 to 2012
* Approximately 30,000 Miles from New
* Remarkably Original Condition
* Displayed at the 2012 Quail Motorsports Gathering
* Eligible for Numerous Concours and Touring Events

Iso Grifo Series 2

This is No. 410 out of a grand total of 413 Iso Grifos made. Grifo No. 413 happens to be on offer at the RM auction the same weekend.

This No. 410 Grifo has a very attractive color combination, the photos here are mine from The Quail, A Motor Sport Gathering in August 2012.

Iso Grifo Series 2

“Ideally Specified for Grand Touring” in the Gooding description must be code for “it has an automatic transmission and air conditioning”. While the factory air conditioning is important for me I do prefer the manual shifter.

I suspect it will sell above the minimum estimate.

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Iso Grifo Series 2

Iso Grifo Series 2

Iso Grifo logo

Another Iso Grifo For Sale In Amelia Island This Year
Article Name
Another Iso Grifo For Sale In Amelia Island This Year
It is a rare event when there are two Iso Grifos for sale on the same auction weekend. But here they are!


  1. Note that it’s next to the other car Grifo 413/223 being auctioned that same weekend. These cars travel around together ­čÖé

  2. I was completely unaware that some last Grifos had Ford engines, like this one. What size cubic inches were these Ford engines? (I know rhey were big because of pagoda hood scoop on this one). Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  3. Thanks, Mike! Glenn in the Bronx, NY

  4. Same hood was also used on the GM big block 7 litre cars too although the height was a half a inch lower than the Ford. FYI All Iso at the end of production used ford engines I have a lele with a 351 Cleveland.

  5. Yeah, I know from all your other postings about the high pagoda hood scoops on the Corvette engine cars, and they did look just like this one, I didn’t have a clue about the Ford engines. Subscribing to this post is the best thing I ever did. I learn more from here than I did in college! Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

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