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October 27, 2021

Are We Running Out Of Good Barn Finds?

by Mike –

There is a limited supply of barn find collector cars – there were only so many cars ever made, a small subset of those cars are classic collector cars, a very small subset of those are in a position to be a real barn find and collectors continue to uncover barn finds every year – we must be running low.

One cannot create a barn find out of thin air nor turn just any car into a barn find. A true barn find had to be abandoned decades ago. They need many years of aging to develop the proper patina much like how it takes 16 years to age 16 year old Scotch Whiskey; it cannot be rushed along.

Barn find

The evidence for the shortage of barn finds includes my review of the cars up for auction in Amelia Island in March 2014 and my conclusion that there is not one single dirty, rusty barn find as far as I can tell. I know this is a limited sample size but in my heart I believe we must be running low of good quality true barn finds.

Although, I did just hear of a garage find Ford GT40 in California but that is about all since the Scottsdale auctions. I include a garage find in the generic category of barn find since every hoarder of classic cars who put them away a few decades ago and forgot about them did not own a barn but merely an ordinary garage.

Some of these hoarders did not bother to put the future classic car in a barn or garage but left them in an open field. This is certainly the cheapest way to store a classic car waiting for a future restoration, or waiting to be discovered, because that field out behind the barn can hold dozens of cars, or hundreds of cars, plus trucks, tractors, engine blocks and all the parts one could want.

Barn find

All barn finds are not created equal. Some are not especially desirable or valuable cars so the cost of a restoration would be a financially losing proposition. Some barn finds, especially the ones in the field, may be beyond saving and will ultimately be left to return to dust – some are nearly there.

As the barn find numbers dwindle the excitement over the new ones discovered will intensify. And the prices will go up – like all things in the classic car world.

Below is a slide show with some of my barn find photos.

What do you think? Are we running low on barn finds?

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Are We Running Out Of Good Barn Finds?
Article Name
Are We Running Out Of Good Barn Finds?
The supply of classic car barn finds must be running low don't you think?


  1. It’s heart-breaking to see beautiful old cars like this left out to rot.
    I run a scrap yard and see some sad sights including neglected motors. We salvage what we can of course, but your heart does sink a bit when you see a once beautiful vehicle that’s not been stored away for a sunnier day but instead left out to bake and disintegrate in the sun. 0044 1204 360 555

  2. Derk Reckel says

    If there is a market for “barn finding” you will soon get the proper patina recipes sold in the corresponding circles.

    This has been around since the late 19th century for faking patina on Egyptian antiques and if there is money in it you will see someone making this money!

    Take a scrappy driver and put some barn patina on it to increase the value…


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