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July 18, 2024

Apollo GT For Sale – A Restoration Project – Garage Sale Find


This rare Apollo GT has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to Northern California USA from Northern California!

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer.

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by Mike –

A very rare Apollo GT garage sale find is for sale here.

Apollo GT For Sale

Apollo GT No. 1072

Apollo GT History

The Apollo GT is an American made sports car produced from 1963 to 1965 in Oakland, California. The Apollo project was the dream of Milt Brown and Newt Davis, who wanted to build an American car to compete with Aston Martins and Ferraris. Not compete on the racetrack but as a street sports car.

Engineered by Milt Brown, with styling by Ron Plescia, the prototype featured Italian handmade aluminum bodywork by Corno Coachworks in Turin, Italy. Power was supplied by a Buick V8.

After the prototype Intermeccanica of Turin, Italy built all Apollos with steel bodies. The original design had a few problems; the nose was too long and the rear vision limited, so former Bertone stylist Franco Scaglione was hired to revise it.

Altogether 76 coupes, 11 convertibles and the prototype 2+2 were made for a total of 88 Apollos built between 1961 and 1965 when Apollo was sold to Vanguard Industries, an aftermarket supplier of auto air conditioners in Dallas, Texas. Vanguard sold the Apollo as the Vetta Ventura and built only 11 cars.

A third attempt to produce the Apollo was by attorney Robert Stevens. His Apollo International Company of Pasadena, California completed only 14 cars, with foreman Otto Becker finishing another six.

The automotive press loved the Apollo GT – in November 1963 “Road & Track” wrote:

Our experience in the Apollo has been both brief and pleasant. The car is quite comfortable (even for extra tall occupants) and well finished. In general, the Apollo is a very appealing automobile, put together with loving care under the supervision of Brown and Davis in this country, and Frank Reisner, head of Intermeccanica, in Italy. The whole conception is basically sound and the company directors have proven to R&T that they are interested in producing a quality automobile and have the interest of the customer at heart.

About Apollo GT No. 1072 – For Sale

Apollo GT Receipt

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Apollo GT No. 1072 was originally purchased incomplete by well known car collector, Ron Kellogg, on September 20, 1966.

The sales receipt from the Apollo International Corporation of Pasadena, California to Ron Kellogg is shown here to the right.

Apollo GT No. 1072 was recently found in a garage sale in Northern California. The current owners, Troy & Laura Tagliaboschi, bought this Apollo from Charles Blair in early 2014.





Apollo GT For Sale

Apollo GT For Sale

Apollo GT For Sale

A restoration was started 20 years ago but the Apollo has sat in the previous owner’s garage unfinished until it was bought by the current owners.

It is partially restored – the body has been media blasted, sealed and primed. The engine compartment and door jams are done. The body is block and prepped, ready for paint. The engine is rebuilt and the car has a 4-speed transmission. The brake system is new. The body is 99% rust free. It is believed to have never been damaged in an accident.

Make: Apollo International Corporation
Model: Apollo GT
Year: 1966
Chassis number: A-67-GT 1072
Exterior: Originally green
Interior: Black
Engine: Buick V8 300 cid with aluminum heads
Transmission: Borg Warner T-10 4-speed transmission is not period correct
Odometer: unknown
Original invoice date: September 20, 1966
Needs a restoration

There are probably a little more than 50 Apollo GTs left in the world and this garage sale find represents a rare opportunity to acquire one ready for your personal restoration.

Apollo GT chassis tag

Apollo GT For Sale

As Found By Current Owners


See more photos in the two slide shows below

Apollo GT For Sale

Apollo GT For Sale

Apollo GT For Sale


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Apollo GT For Sale – A Restoration Project – Garage Sale Find
Article Name
Apollo GT For Sale – A Restoration Project – Garage Sale Find
Apollo GT For Sale – A Restoration Project – Garage Sale Find


  1. Really nicely built cars, that offer the owner a great experience of driving an Italian American hybrid, a term that was originally coined to represent European cars with American drive trains. Many years ago I had the pleasure of doing the body restoration and paint on the only 2+2 ever built… Really fine build quality.
    Looks like a lot of care and attention went into doing the early stages of restoration on this car.

  2. Mike,
    That is the all aluminum prototype you have in those photos. This is how the prototype wad found in a junk yard per say.

    The 2+2 has a completely different look.
    From what I know Drak Connely has possession of the 2+2. He has 3, 1 of each.

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