My Car Quest

February 23, 2024

Our Family 1964 Apollo GT 5000

by Josh Bagley - ​The Bagley Apollo GT 5000 has captured my love and attention since I was a small boy visiting my grandparents in El Cerrito, CA. I have followed Apollo’s and read everything I could get my hands on since then. Mike … [Read more...]

Apollo GTs For Sale – Six of Them!

by Mike Gulett - The Apollo GT was an American made sports car produced and sold by International Motor Cars from 1962 to 1964 in Oakland, California. The Apollo project was the dream of Milt Brown and Newt Davis, who wanted to build an American … [Read more...]

The Intermeccanica Italia: Has It Been Too Long Ignored?

Another case where a hybrid (European chassis and body with American power) was slow to appreciate. by Wallace Wyss - Founder Frank Reisner was a Hungarian born engineer who, although he had a good job in Canada, that had nothing to do with … [Read more...]

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) For Sale

by Mike - SOLD!!! When Apollo was sold to Vanguard Industries, an aftermarket supplier of auto air conditioners in Dallas, Texas. Vanguard sold the Apollo as the Vetta Ventura and built only 11 cars. This car appears to be one of those 11. … [Read more...]

The Apollo GT – Italian Craftsmanship With American Power & Engineering

by Mike - The Apollo project was the dream of Americans Milt Brown and Ned Davis, who wanted to build an American car to compete with Aston Martin and Ferrari. They did not intend to compete on the racetrack but as a street sports GT … [Read more...]

Apollo GT For Sale – A Restoration Project – Has Been Sold!!

This rare Apollo GT has SOLD on My Car Quest and is on its way to Northern California USA from Northern California! Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer. Sell your classic car on My Car Quest - CLICK HERE. Sell your classic car … [Read more...]