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July 24, 2024

Apollo GTs For Sale – Six of Them!

by Mike Gulett –

The Apollo GT was an American made sports car produced and sold by International Motor Cars from 1962 to 1964 in Oakland, California. The Apollo project was the dream of Milt Brown and Newt Davis, who wanted to build an American car to compete with Aston Martin and Ferrari. They did not intend to compete on the racetrack but as a street sports GT car.

Apollo GT Prototype

Apollo GT Prototype in Monterey, California – 2013 – photo by Mike Gulett

Engineered by Milt Brown with styling by Ron Plescia the prototype featured Italian handmade aluminum bodywork by Corno Coachworks in Turin, Italy. A 215 cid or a 300 cid Buick engine powered the Apollo. The top speed was claimed to be 150 mph.
After the prototype was completed Intermeccanica of Turin, Italy built all Apollos.

Intermeccanica made and prepared the steel bodies in Turin and then sent them to Oakland, California, where the drive train was installed. The original design had a few problems; the nose was too long and the rear vision limited, so former Bertone stylist Franco Scaglione was hired to revise the design.

Altogether 76 coupes, 11 convertibles and the prototype 2+2 were produced for a total of 88 Apollos built between 1961 and 1965.

There are probably around 50 Apollo GTs still on the road which is why it is so surprising to see six for sale in the US in the same year!

This is a good time to be an Apollo GT buyer.

Read more about the Apollo GT history here.

WorldWide Auctioneers – Corpus Christi Old Car Museum Auction – Oct. 4-5, 2019

There are three Apollo GTs offered at no reserve at this auction and here they are – including one very rare Spider.

1963 Apollo 3500 GT Coupe

Apollo GT

• The first Apollo coupe produced
• Beautifully restored and presented
• All-aluminum 3.5-liter Buick V-8 power
• Shown in period alongside the 3500 GT Spider on offer

1963 Apollo 3500 GT Spider

Apollo GT Spider

CHASSIS NO: 2001204B
• The first Apollo convertible produced
• Hand built by Intermeccanica of Turin, Italy
• Exhibited at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® (1995)
• Shown at Concorso Italiano for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo GT (2013)

1966 Apollo 5000 GT Coupe

Apollo GT

CHASSIS NO: 001054
• Originally 1 of the 12 Vetta Venturas built in 1966 by Vanguard Industries
• Expertly restored, rebadged and retitled as an Apollo 5000 GT
• 350 HP Buick 5.0-liter iron-block/aluminum-head V-8 power
• Marking the final evolution of the Apollo GT

Private Seller – Listed on Hemmings

1964 Apollo 3500GT

Apollo GT

Location: Santa Barbara, California
VIN #: 1027
Mileage: 28,642
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Red
Interior: Gray Leather

Price: $149,500 obo

LBI Limited – Dealer

1963 Apollo 3500GT

Apollo GT

Chassis # 1004
Engine # JN484
One of Only 88 Examples by Intermeccanica
Offered With Jack, Spare, and Tool Roll
Excellent Older Restoration
Delivered New by Phil Hill Buick In Hollywood, CA

Price: $175,000

Hyman Ltd. – Dealer

1963 Apollo 5000GT Coupe

Apollo GT

This 1963 Apollo 5000 GT coupe comes to us from long-term ownership in a private collection. It is a rare and desirable 4.9-liter Skylark-powered example (vs the 215-powered 3500 GT), and is equipped with a four speed Borg-Warner T-10 transmission. Extensive records show the previous owner, a passionate enthusiast, was searching Hemmings motor news in the early 1980s for one of his favorite cars – an Avanti. While perusing the “A” section of the magazine, he stumbled across this Apollo and immediately fell in love with the Scaglione design. He struck a deal with the seller and the car remained a prized part of his collection of important cars from 1984 through 2017. A sympathetic restoration and bare-metal respray was performed in 2006 and the car has been shown on numerous occasions as well as enjoyed on the road.

Price: $149,500

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Apollo GT - Road & Track

Apollo GT – Road & Track

Apollo GTs For Sale - Six of Them!
Article Name
Apollo GTs For Sale - Six of Them!
There are six rare Apollo GTs for sale or at auction this year in the US!


  1. wallace wyss says

    I think, for the value of this model of car, there shouldn’t be six offered at once, but one at a time in premium auctions like RM and Gooding. Even cars that are already recognized as rising in value like Mangustas don’t get offered six at a time, as that tends to convey the impression that the collector decided they are a model not worth keeping and wants to get out of his investment.

  2. I tend to be in complete agreement with Wallace on this one, while the market seems to be in flux at the moment I can not imagine that so many of such a rare car should be placed on auction all at once… tends to look a bit like a fire sale. But the market place may show us a wrong… I sincerely hope so.

  3. wallace wyss says

    As the market “tightens up” (I made that phrase up but I think it’s apropo, those who really want a certain car have to search worldwide. And sometimes buy a sorry example that is going to take a zillion dollars to repair, like that Grifo that was crunched badly in europe, required an all new body. I think a lot of appreciation potential for a car depends upon auction results being consistent, i.e. always rising at each new report. of course I can see where a collector dies and his family might have had it up to here with his car obsession and dumps everything but usually where only one or two is available nationwide, the present prices an hold until the next rise shown at auction. With some cars though, it’s a real shot in the dark, say 400 automatic Ferraris. they are V12s, they are designed and built by Pininfarina, and they are legal to register in the US now that they are over 25 years old. But it’s going to take the auctioning of some more at over $100K to move them off the dime.

  4. Robb Northrup says

    This is very unusual. It is also unusual to have such nice Apollos offered for sale! Most offered at auction have been tarted-up by the “restorer” and have not been restored correctly. The three Apollos offered by Worldwide have been correctly restored to original specifications (I’ve seen and driven the cars.) Note that these cars will be auctioned from a private collection in October. So they are not for sale at this time.

    As for the others, no comment on the accuracy of the restorations as I’ve not seen the cars in person. They are from two dealers and a private party. It’s pretty difficult to orchestrate the sale of these or any cars by multiple parties, so the notion that they shouldn’t be offered for sale is a little naïve.

    Robb Northrup
    President, Apollo Owners Registry

  5. Don Bryan says

    I’m with Northrup.
    I however think it is a good thing. A new high water mark. Cars increased 80k in value in 6 years from my perspective.
    I have the feeling a few more will pop up.

  6. Don Bryan says

    1 down 5 to go.

    Just watch, I bet more follow soon.

  7. ray mccollum says

    Nice, but resembles a cross between a 280 Z & an E-Type!

  8. Josh Bagley says

    Does anyone have any updated info on these, what they sold for, etc? I see Bob Northrup on here… Great to hear from him after a while! I need to get a value on mine so I can get it properly insured.

  9. Robb Northrup says

    To Josh Bagley: Milt Brown has formed Apollo Classic. His intent is to verify the authenticity of Apollos. Milt, for a fee, can help you determine how authentic your car is. Authentic cars bring top dollar. Modified ones (and there are several out there) become good candidates for restoration!

    As you may know, convertible 2001 (1st built) sold at George Finley’s auction last October for $506K. “My” coupe, no. 1003 (1st production car) sold for $242K. A Texas-built Ventura sold for $165 (or around that). The first two were well presented.

    Be looking for the next newsletter coming soon that will feature the auction. Also, it will announce my new book on the Apollo with instructions to buy.


    • Josh Bagley says

      Excellent Bob! Keep us informed!
      Not sure if you remember but I spent a good bit of time chatting with Milt and Ron about our Apollo and determined that #1022 was the shop foreman’s vehicle used for testing new ideas – sunroof, in-body exhaust pipes, etc. That’s who my grandfather purchased it from. Ron remembered more details than Milt. It was definitely towards the end of the original company production.

      I know it has some other modifications done later but I’m working to reduce/eliminate those. Do you have the contact information for Apollo Classic? Milt’s still in the Bay Area, right?

  10. Robb Northrup says

    Josh: That Vetta sold for around $165K. $165 would be a royal steal!

  11. TJ Hessmon says

    This would be a cool care with some new mods
    The Ford 2.3 turbo with 6 speed MT and of course improved cooling
    Brembo disk brakes, with larger rotors
    Updated shocks and sway bars
    Maybe an update to the 9in ford diff.

    This would make for a raw car, devoid of most of todays fluffy stuff.
    Exactly what a car should be

    If you ever read about such a configured Apolo here, then you know I won the lottery

  12. Bonjour à tous les passionnés,
    J’habite en France et j’ai acquis une “Apollo GT”.
    Je crois qu’elle est unique dans ce pays.
    C’est une voiture formidable; en plus d’être très belle, elle est très agréable à utiliser.
    J’échangerai avec grand plaisir renseignements et conseil avec d’autres propriétaires.

    From Google translate:

    Hello to all enthusiasts,
    I live in France and I purchased an “Apollo GT”.
    I believe it is unique in this country.
    It’s a great car; in addition to being very beautiful, it is very pleasant to use.
    I will be happy to exchange information and advice with other owners.

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