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December 11, 2023

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) For Sale

by Mike –


When Apollo was sold to Vanguard Industries, an aftermarket supplier of auto air conditioners in Dallas, Texas. Vanguard sold the Apollo as the Vetta Ventura and built only 11 cars. This car appears to be one of those 11.

Some work will be required because it has sat outside in the humidity of Louisiana for a few years. The good news is you can choose your own colors for both the exterior and interior! Or, you may decide this car is better used as a parts car because of the rust – buyers choice.

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT)

The Apollo project was the dream of Americans Milt Brown and Newt Davis, who wanted to build an American car to compete with Aston Martin and Ferrari. They did not intend to compete on the racetrack but as a street sports GT car.

1967 Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) For Sale

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT)

The seller says that the serial number is AC103969MD. This Vetta Ventura is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a friend is helping the seller sell it.

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT)

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT)

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT)

Let us know what you think in the Comments and if you buy it please send in photos.

Apollo GT specifications

Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) For Sale
Article Name
Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) For Sale
A rare Vetta Ventura (Apollo GT) is for sale but it needs a total restoration.


  1. Salie Sadrudin says

    Oh what a sleeping beauty!!

  2. Robert Feldman says

    If the environment in Louisiana was any more humid, this car would have to be under water. Which is where the next owner is going to find himself!

  3. I hope the owner is not expecting much.

  4. Thom Ollinger says

    On the plus side, you’ll probably never find one cheaper.

  5. Robb Northrup says

    Mike: I hate to say it but this looks to be a parts car. The reason: Too much new metal will have to be made by hand, and the cost will be frightful. And, you’ll have to have another Apollo to copy.

    The frame looks shot. The bumpers are gone. All this stuff was hand crafted in Italy by subcontractors to Intermeccnica.

    Let’s hope an Apollo owner gets this and parts it out properly.

    I hate to see this happen.

    Robb Northrup
    President, Apollo Registry

  6. Thom Ollinger says

    Useful for making bucks and forms so you could fabricate about 70% of a complete car. What is restored Apollo worth? Looking at projects like the ISO Dave Ince restored, the bill to rebuild that Apollo would be astronomical.

    • Robb Northrup says

      Thom: Excellent coupes are now selling around the $150K mark. This car would cost probably more than that to do correctly.

      However…if someone had the time and skills to do a majority of the work, and had access to a capable panel beater at less-than-the-going rate, then it might be possible.

      But it would not be easy…

      Robb Northrup
      President, Apollo Owners Registry

      • Alex Vazeos says

        Hi Robb,
        Is this a Vetta Ventura or an Apollo? The chassis no. 1039 corresponds to an Apollo if I am not mistaken, I believe the first VV had chassis 1040. Does this car wear the 300c.i. engine or the 215 one?
        Many thanks,
        Alex Vazeos

  7. Don Bryan says

    The owner’s friend sent me these pictures of the car on Sunday to get my honest opinion of what the current value of the car is in his current state. A realistic evaluation of the car is what I gave him based on my current restoration experiences of my 1008 coupe.

    Do you guys have any idea what the parts on this car are worth right now in their current condition? I do. This car is worth more in his current state than one might think. The parts alone are rare hard to come by. Take the cost of a new windshield for instance, I need one , the replacements are expensive. Just call and get the price of replacement aluminum rim that has a two year lead time once you give them the serial number of your rim!
    Obviously the rust on this car is extensive but it can it be repaired yes, will it be expensive yes, but it can be saved. How do I know this ? because my 1008 Apollo was in a severe accident that is posted on the site. Witnessing my car and another fellow Apollo owners car be completely reconstructed. His car wasn’t far off the condition of this car to be quite honest , once the paint was stripped off and they found with somebody else tried to hide which was a lot of rust, clear through rust just like this car I would say possibly worse.
    The cost if he takes it to a shop to do it instead of doing it himself between 500 and $2,000 per square foot of metal depending on the greediness of the shop. That frame less than 2k to reproduce doing it the way the Italians did in two halfs, cheaper if you make it out of the stock tube.

    Don Bryan

  8. Andi Graf says

    Andi Graf #1016
    Hallo Guys, i am also in contact with the owner and i have done two cars now and know the work that Needs to be done. I think it is needed to make a new Body in total as i can see on the pics there is not many left where you can weld new metal on it. I also hate to see cars goind like this and i think about saving it. But no doubt, it is the biggest work i would have done for years on a car. The frame also is infacted by rust.
    On my last cars i did some bucks for fenders doorskin,Roof… so a few thinks i still have here at home.

    So if someone of you likes to save it and Needs stuff, let me know i may can help.
    Andi Graf

  9. This Vetta Ventura has been sold.

  10. Alexander Oet says

    Hi Guys ,

    Nice to see this pictures , hopefully this will be restored .
    We started last month doing my Vetta Ventura right now , if this car is still or again for sale please let me know , I would love to buy the car for restauration !
    Incredible that there are always special cars like this lying around , this is what makes our hobby interesting !


  11. Tiago Alves says

    Apparently it’s back for sale:

  12. What’s it worth as is?

  13. I have a vetta Ventura that I’m in the process of restoring now… Does anyone know where I can source spare parts?

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