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May 23, 2024

This Iso Grifo Was A No Sale At The Gooding Auction At Amelia Island Today

by Mike –

Unless there was a deal cut after the auction this Iso Grifo was a no sale today at the Gooding auction at Amelia Island.

It was bid to a high of $240,000 with an estimate of $300,000 – $400,000.

This 1973 Iso Grifo Series II is described here.

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo at auction

Iso Grifo Series 2

This is No. 410 out of a grand total of 413 Iso Grifos made. Photo from The Quail in 2012.

Grifo No. 413, below, happens to be on offer at the RM auction tomorrow.

Iso Grifo for sale

Iso Grifo No. 413 at Amelia Island (photo by Don Meluzio)

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This Iso Grifo Was A No Sale At The Gooding Auction At Amelia Island Today
Article Name
This Iso Grifo Was A No Sale At The Gooding Auction At Amelia Island Today
This Iso Grifo did not sell at the Gooding auction at Amelia Island today.


  1. Darren Frank says

    If I owned that very nice Grifo #410, the very first thing I would do is remove those awful, incorrect mufflers, and install the correct configuration mufflers on the car. Wonder what the reserve on the car was? Usually if an auction car gets into the estimate range, it would have met its reserve and sold. Otherwise the lower end of the estimate was too low, or the reserve was too high relative to the estimate range. Doesn’t compute.

    • The estimate was $300,000 – $400,000 so the bidding did not get into the estimate range.

      Usually the reserve is the low end of the range and it can be lower than the low end number but not higher than the low end number.

  2. I am beginning to appreciate the Iso and Bizarrini cars, but don’t have much background with them. But… is this exhaust system hanging the way it would have when the cars were produced? I can’t imagine that the designers would have considered the arrangement the way it appears here… Comments? Dan

  3. Darren Frank says

    Thanks, Mike! For some reason, I was thinking the estimate range was $200-$300K. You’re absolutely right. It didn’t make low estimate, and didn’t hit reserve. That’s too bad, the car’s worth at least $300K, probably a lot more if a V6 Dino, the car Ferrari didn’t want to put his name on, sells for $570K today..

  4. Maurice Mentens says

    As we all know, sometimes the right buyer is not in the house and that was probably the case here. There were a few other things against this car, for one what Darren mentions and us who saw the car at The Quail we found more stuff to correct. Also, Grifo 413 (ex 223) will be up at RM tomorrow and no matter the convoluted history on the car – it does have a stronger eyeball presence and is a 5-speed against an automatic for 410. Eyeball is important on auctions!

    Nevertheless, 410 is unique because of it’s rarity and originality and would have pulled a much higher bid if the right buyer was present. The seller did well holding on to it.

    • Alexander says

      Hi guys ,
      I had a look At this car for the first time ..
      Nice Grifo but as mentioned above the eyeball effect was missing for me regarding the color combo ..
      Prices are changing every minute in the + way ..
      But when that Dino cpe brings after fierce bidding 570 k $ ( 200 k above estimate) , any Grifo should bring more as that !
      Let us as owners make ourselves happy to have a Grifo in the garage and not a ” step in model ” v6 ! Car .
      What is the logic difference between a Merak ( or testa rossa !!) and a Dino , 10 times as much ?!
      Happy to be a collector and not a investor …
      I end this response that we always have to respect another person with a different taste / budget / opinion .
      Good luck to both , the Grifo and Dino owner :-)!

      • Alexander ,

        It is great to hear from you! I am happy you made it to Amelia Island – I wish I could be there like last year but I hope everyone will share information and photos with me. I received a nice photo of Grifo No. 413 from Don Meluzio earlier today and it is published above on this Post.

  5. Mufflers were wrong but for under a few hundred dollars they could be fixed. I have seen this car in person and I think it’s a nice original car.

    Bottom line there weren’t a lot of bidders on this car for what ever reason and that is very strange as Grifo’s are so very popular and the market is HOT.

    • Yep – tomorrow will be interesting when Iso Grifo No. 413 comes up at RM.

      • Something was strange about No. 410 because I get a lot of requests from buyers to find an Iso Grifo. There are more buyers than sellers – so this outcome is a surprise.

        The No. 413 car tomorrow is a roll of the dice because of its unusual history.

        Maurice No. 413 has a Richmond six-speed transmission.

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