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August 18, 2022

Gold Plated Delorean – Update

by Mike –

Last year I published the story of the fourth gold plated Delorean that was privately made by Michael Feldman, OD. If you haven’t read this story it is fascinating.

Yesterday Richard left a Comment with a link to his recent photo of a gold plated Delorean – he said,

Hi, I just took a photo of a gold DeLorean today. It was at a golf course in Bond Head, north of Toronto. I was having Easter breakfast at the gold course and saw it parked in the parking lot.

Gold Plated Delorean

Michael Feldman said he sold the car to a man from Canada – so this could very well be the homemade Feldman gold Delorean.

If the owner of this gold Delorean in Toronto reads this please let us know if this is the Feldman Delorean or one of the other three versions.

I think the Delorean looks great gold plated!

Gold Plated Delorean - Update
Article Name
Gold Plated Delorean - Update
A gold plated Delorean is spotted in Toronto - is it the fourth one?


  1. Michael Feldman says

    Hi Mike,

    Just caught your post on (possibly) my ’81 Gold Plated Delorean that I sold to a Dr. John C. McLean D.Sc., President of Calmac Electronics Limited in Guelph, Ont. N1H 1R1 CANADA on 5/14/83.

    Of note, my car had gold painted wheels as well as 23K hard cobalt gold electroplating with serial # SCEDT26T7BD001542 and appeared more lustrous. However, if this vehicle has been a driver and not just for show, the finish may be compromised somewhat…Or, it could just be the lighting.

    If you receive any additional info, please pass it along.

    Best regards,

    Michael Feldman

    • c cooling says

      Hello micheal . This is not your old car. It’s painted gold Canadian issue car. Painted by the dealer Kerr Cadillac back in 1982. Wish it was the gold plated one but then if. It was I probably wouldn’t be. Driving it .while not as expensive as gold plating the paint job was an expensive option back in 82. However I do I do get mistaken for the gold plated car from time to time.

  2. Michael Feldman says

    Thank you C Cooling,

    Painted gold definitely crossed my mind but I would have thought the photographer was close enough to tell the difference. My old gold plated Delorean has to be somewhere on this planet? If anyone is aware of where serial # 1542 currently resides, please post it on this site.

    • Nick Pitello says


      You don’t happen to be associated with Northwell Health, are you? I saw that you had lived in Woodmere, NY. I wish I had known about this car when you had it. I lived in Lynbrook my whole life and as you know, that’s about 4-5 miles away from you! I currently work for Northwell Health and noticed a Michael Feldman in our system with a title of Trustee. I just got back into DeLorean ownership a couple months ago. Would love to chat.


      Nick Pitello

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