My Car Quest

April 18, 2024

An Original Gold Plated DeLorean

by Mike Gulett - The DeLorean DMC-12 is fairly rare but the gold plated version is extremely rare. There were only 2 made by DeLorean to promote the American Express Gold Card in 1980 with a third one being made from spare gold plated panels. … [Read more...]

Gold Plated Delorean – Update

by Mike - Last year I published the story of the fourth gold plated Delorean that was privately made by Michael Feldman, OD. If you haven't read this story it is fascinating. Yesterday Richard left a Comment with a link to his recent photo of … [Read more...]

Gold Plated DeLoreans? – Yes There Were Four

by Mike - Michael Feldman wrote to me recently to say that in the first photo on the post The Hot Rod That Started It All – The Doane Spencer Roadster there is a gold plated DeLorean on the right side of the photo and since he owned one of only … [Read more...]