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March 3, 2024

This 1967 Corvette Sold for $797,500!!

by Mike –

A very low mileage 1967 Corvette sold for $797,500!! (including commission) at the Mecum auction in Houston today.

In 1966, 30-year-old Don (Donnie) McNamara of Colorado Springs, Colorado bought this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe new after retiring from the US Marine Corp. Since then he put only 2,996 miles on his Corvette. No one ever sat in the passenger seat.

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1967 Corvette

1967 Chevrolet Corvette

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This 1967 Corvette Sold for $797,500!!
Article Name
This 1967 Corvette Sold for $797,500!!
This Corvette, bought new by a solitary man in 1967 who put less than 3,000 miles on it never shared it with anyone and left it to his neighbors when he died in 2011, has been sold at the Mecum auction for $797,500!


  1. Suckers!! Maybe this is a indicator that the stupid money will start chasing the muscle cars again.

  2. Jeremiah R. says

    It’s a very specific car that has a meticulously recorded history and is the “Bloomington Benchmark Standard” for that year, whereby all other `67 vettes are compared, due to its pristine, unrestored condition. I was surprised it didn’t go for more, frankly.

    Also, it was $725k + plus an unknown premium, they dickered over that but never disclosed to the public what it finally ended up being. So we don’t actually know the full “purchase price”. I’ve spoken with Haggerty about that, and it’s the main reason I don’t like including premiums. In a big sale there’s often a lot of negotiating that goes on at certain houses that is never fully disclosed.

  3. Byron LaMotte says

    Sadly this will go to a new owner who also will never drive it. Not my idea of the joys of owning a classic car! Rather own one that someone drove and had fun with for less $$.

  4. Roberto Quadrelli says

    At least, this Corvette does not have a patina of neglect that we have seen in recent months. This Corvette is truly spotless. I am glad and congratulate the new owner for his/her investment. Nevertheless, I would beg him/her to put his marvelous $ 725K Corvette through training so that the engine and moving parts can reach the correct operation temperatures. By doing so, he will have:
    1 – the immediate pleasure of a nice ride,
    2 – the pride of showing off this car so that future generations will be exposed to our hobby,
    3 – Hopefully, the future millionaires will be able to afford and pay even more than what has been paid today. in today’s dollars.
    Wouldn’t this be a perfect solution for a wise investor?

  5. The McNamara Story is not completely true. I was a personal friend of Donnie. Donnie was a gambler, he did win a lump sum of money in Las Vegas. When he returned to Colorado Springs, his step father who owned a small used car sales on 8th street , called McNamara Auto sales. Donnie had his father order the car from a dealer in Lamar Co, Donnie purchased the 67 vett for the sum of $7000.00. It’s true donnie only drove the car usually after Midnight.,. Donnie loved his Corvette, I know because he once took me for a ride up, and down Cheyenne Blvd, for no more than 7-8 miles at a time. I can say that I did sit in the passenger set more than once. Me and donnie were corvette fans, I still have my 67 Corvette that I purchased from Daniels Chevrolet, with 16000 miles…. So you Corvette lovers keep smiling and enjoy the love for your Corvettes.


    • John Mangieri says


      I have a 67 Lynndale Blue coupe that was built in March 1967. It was originally delivered to Daniels Motors in Colorado Springs, CO. It has a 327/350, 336 rear, 4sp, teal interior. When I purchased it 10 years ago from the prior owner who lived in Canada, he maintained when he purchased it, it had the big block hood on it. I have history back to 1987 when a different prior owner purchased it from Colorado Classic Cars located in Denver, CO. and drove it to the east coast. I live in NJ and I am trying to locate the prior owners from 1967 to 1987 to document the history of the car. I have the GM shipping report, tried to get information from the Colorado DMV which was no help, and recently put an ad in the Gazette newspaper trying to find someone who could help me. Since you also purchased your vehicle from Daniels Motors I though that you might know the original owner of the car if you saw it around back then. My office telephone number is 732-612-3732 if you could help in any way.

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