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December 11, 2023

A Ferrari 250 GTO Is Scheduled To Be Auctioned By Bonhams At The Quail Lodge – Without Reserve!

by Mike –

Sports Car Market has just announced this stunning news.

A Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta will cross the auction block without reserve at Bonhams’ upcoming Quail Lodge sale in Carmel, CA.

Read the brief note from SCM here.

Ferrari 250 GTO For sale

“3851 GT” (photo compliments of Sports Car Market)

OK, considering The Quail Lodge is a 2 minute drive from my home now I will try to make it over there.

There are two pieces of stunning news here:

1) A Ferrari 250 GTO is going to a public auction (when is the last time that has happened?).

2) It is crossing the block without reserve! This means it will sell, maybe I’ll drop a $50k bid just to get things started.

I wonder why it is without reserve and if the proceeds will go to charity or if Bonhams has buyers lined up and all are confident on a world record price being set?

I also wonder how Bonhams landed this best car at auction in many years deal? There are many questions that have yet to be answered about this situation.

Your Comments are welcome.

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A Ferrari 250 GTO Is Scheduled To Be Auctioned By Bonhams At The Quail Lodge - Without Reserve!
Article Name
A Ferrari 250 GTO Is Scheduled To Be Auctioned By Bonhams At The Quail Lodge - Without Reserve!
A Ferrari 250 GTO will cross the auction block without reserve at Bonhams' upcoming Quail Lodge sale in Carmel, CA.


  1. Ciaran Payne says

    Well, it will certainly get strong attention from everywhere and draw maximum crowds to the event, and maybe there is even a “side deal” there somewhere? CJ.

  2. Mike, you have to do your research and then write about this car. It is offered without reserve to attract back the previous potential buyers. This particular car has been offered quietly on the market for some time. Likely that the owner always countered an offer with a higher price. If Bonham’s would set a reserve, those “old” buyers might not show interest as they might think that reserve would be too high. Now they can be back in the game.

    And needless to say that it will set a new world record. I would assume that for this car, the final result will be same with or without reserve. Nobody will get a bargain on it.


  3. Yes shill bids, chandelier bids allowing the owner to buy it back, in my book it’s not a true no reserve auction if they use these tactics , so it’s fixed. But these cars are so sought after that I doubt any of these antics will be needed. Like Mike said they don’t come to auction often, I can’t recall one at auction in the past 10-20 years.

    Doesn’t it make sense that Giotto Bizzarrini developed the worlds most sought after and expensive car in the world.

  4. From what I’ve read, one of the owners of Bonhams bought this whole lot from Maranello Rosso and is selling it. Don’t quote me, but I believe that’s what I read. Hope to be there when it sells. Like you I’d offer $30M knowing it will sell for twice that. But, I’m sure they check your finances before you bid and that leaves me out – way out.

  5. Bob Powell says

    I tried to buy that collection and made a huge offer like 93 mil pounds and didn’t get it was quite a few cars but I guarantee you can’t certify this car 100% was back in 2014 and it had to be paid for in pounds, my attorney even spoke to the widow or mistress about it.

  6. Bob Powell says

    That’s why no chassis numbers the guy who owned this car was friends with Enzo and he built this car from parts

  7. Bob Powell says

    You pulled my comment because you know it’s true I even sent a letter of credit for that pkg, you’re pumping people up on some fake stuff ,

  8. Bob Powell says

    I thought you pulled it and I owe you an apology Michael, I invested a lot of time and money on this deal, the cars were in a sovereign place in Italy and it was risky and I backed up as I found out the GTO isn’t real. !

  9. Bob Powell says

    Yes, I had it bought with all the cars and sent the deposit, when I found out it was made after the fact is when I. Backed out, hard to believe, I still have the correspondence with the attorneys here and over there !

  10. Bob powell says

    Absolutely it’s not, you could never classiche this car, if you only knew how much time and money went into this, they lost a fortune on that pkg because of 2 cars, there were many cars, I will pull my external hard drive I kept for this and send it if you want !

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