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February 29, 2024

There’s Always A Car Event In Southern California

by Mike –

Southern California is probably the world car lover capital. There are so many different types of cool classic and collector cars there. The owners hold many informal regular events where they drive their cars, park them and socialize with others who love these old cars of every type including hot rods and custom cars.

Bruce Caron sent in these photos in the slide show below that he shot at Coffee & Cars (not to be confused with Cars & Coffee) in Palos Verdes in January 2015. There is also a big event called Super Car Sunday that I attended once. There are many other smaller events and there is always something to do with a classic car in Southern California.

I love the wide variety on display at this one event.

Put it on full screen.

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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

There's Always A Car Event In Southern California
Article Name
There's Always A Car Event In Southern California
Cars & Coffee in Palos Verdes - a slide show.


  1. Now with a warm weather at the doorstep, there will be a slew of car shows and meets in Southern Cal. Would be a good feature for MyCarQuest to give updates on the events, although I know that this site has a world wide audience and that could be a chore all in itself.

    C&C in Irvine has ceased to function but bore a number of off springs such as PV. New one in Tustin (I think, but in OC for sure) and one in Malibu which I was going to see this past Sunday but still fighting a cold. SuperCar Sunday is a fun event to see few time a year. The best day is the first Sunday of the month and the have a calendar on their website indicating the “flavor” for each month. December is huge with Toys for Tots charity- it goes up about 20 fold in quantity and quality of the cars.

    After going there a number of times, especially NOT on the first Sunday, it becomes sort of a re-tread with many of the same rides being shown over and over again… The saving grace, to me at least, is that it’s 10 minutes from me and if I’m up and about I just hop my bike to take a quick spin though the lot…

  2. Love all these cars..
    Especially that blue Ghibli at the beginning…
    When is this car show happening again?

    • Bruce Caron says

      Coffee and Cars in Palos Verdes California happens the 1st Saturday of every month. You might have noticed the abundance of Corvettes. They always get a good turnout from owners of a specific Marque, in this case Corvettes (I know not a marque but a model). They had Cobra day a few months ago and a large number of owners participated. As you can see a lot of other cars are present that aren’t the Marque of the month.

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