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April 18, 2024

More About The Three Bizzarrini Spyders

by Mike –

The three Bizzarrini Spyders always generate a lot of attention and the recent story by Wallace Wyss was no exception.

Roger Hirschland wrote,

I found Wallace Wyss’s commentary on the three Bizzarrini Spyders fascinating, having had the privilege of seeing at least the blue one at Hershey a couple of years ago. But Mr. Wyss is not quite correct: All three Spyders are on perpetual display together in my home, albeit in 1:43 scale.

Spark, the manufacturer of these resin models, got a lot of the differences correct — but not, I note, the vent windows on the red model. All three models are still available on eBay, for those who may want examples for less than a million dollars. (The manufacturer actually corrected the vent-window error on the red car in later editions.)

Roger’s photos of the individual models are below,

Bizzarrini Spyder Prototype

Bizzarrini Spyder

Bizzarrini Spyder

I wrote about the Bizzarrini Spyder Model Set where you can see a photographic comparison of the models in the set to each real car. This model set with all three Bizzarrini Models is available here.

Bizzarrini Spyder Model Set

Bizzarrini Spyder Model Set

Don Meluzio, the owner of the blue Bizzarrini Spyder, wrote,

It seems Wally Wyss has been interested in Bizzarrinis way before they were more well known like they are today. He actually wrote an article on my White Bizzarrini Strada back in June of 1985. My car was featured in Sports Car World an Australian Magazine, and the article was written by non other than Wally Wyss!

Don sent in this photo of Sports Car World showing his white Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada,

Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada in Sports Car World

Sports Car World Magazine, June 1985, Article by Wallace Wyss

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Bizzarrini Logo

More About The Three Bizzarrini Spyders
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More About The Three Bizzarrini Spyders
Comments and photos about the three Bizzarrini Spyders.


  1. wallace wyss says

    I actually bought that white car, in my role as a barn finder at that time. I bought it from Jim Young, who lived out by Lancaster. He had bought a number of interesting cars including an Iso Grifo long nose coupe , the Bitz and several VW Things. I think I paid $60,000. There’s a story about buying Bitz’s in one of my Incredible Barn Find books. The books are available as singles or as a set of three from the publisher Enthusiast Books, Hudson, WI. What I remember about the car is its guttural growl and how beautiful it was. I sent it on to my customer after three days of impressing my friends with it…I even made a video of driving it with a sound track from the guy who did the Clint Eastwood Italian western films

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