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December 2, 2022

Iso Grifo And AC Cobra Mk IV – The Video

by Mike –

With the moderate climate of the Monterey Peninsula there are many good days for driving a convertible; so now we do so since the AC Cobra Mk IV arrived. I know we need more rain but the days it doesn’t rain are all great for a drive in the Cobra.

Since I avoid driving the Grifo in the rain these are the same great days to drive the Grifo, so there is a decision.

I have surprised myself with how much I like driving the AC.

AC Cobra Mk IV

AC Cobra Mk IV

A great match of European style with American muscle; one with a top and one without a top.

Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo

The video below is really a slide show – look for Joe Cool.

Comments are always welcome.

Iso Grifo And AC Cobra Mk IV - The Video
Article Name
Iso Grifo And AC Cobra Mk IV - The Video
A video slide show of the Iso Grifo and AC Cobra Mk IV.


  1. Al Jensen says

    Two many choices!

  2. Lucky you! I wish I can drive this AC whenever…

  3. Rob Krantz says

    Super nice Mike! Both cars are amazing.

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