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July 19, 2024

The Original ATS 2500 GT Could Have Been A Contender And Now There Is A New One

by Mike –

The new ATS 2500 GT, will be presented today April 16, 2015 at the Top Marques in Monte Carlo.

Top Marques Monaco

Fifty years after the foundation of Automobili Turismo e Sport, the new ATS set out to produce two exciting models that re-invent the classic originals, the 2500 GT and the Sport, plus add a third new model, the beautiful Stile50. Based in Borgomanero, northern Italy. Just like ATS of fifty years ago, the modern ATS wishes to remain relatively small, highly exclusive and very close to the people that matter the most – ATS customers and drivers.



ATS 2500 GT

ATS 2500 GT

The original creators of ATS, Carlo Chiti, Romolo Tavoni and Giotto Bizzarrini, worked to a simple philosophy – light weight and efficiency. All three of the new, modern ATS models have been developed using the same clear vision.

The stunning ATS GT is the ultimate expression of the ATS ethos. Each car is built around the needs of each individual client, delivering the ultimate driving and ownership experience to each driver. A purity of line that harks back to the classics of years gone by, but with a driving experience delivered via a light, rigid chassis and the very latest engine technology.

ATS 2500 GT

In 1963, the creation of ATS represented an important point in the history and evolution of the sports car genre. After half a century, but guided by the same simple vision, the new ATS models are set to change established customer perceptions.

No mention of the price – so stay tuned.

ATS 2500 GT

Technical Specifications

Frame 25CrMo4 Tubolar or Carbon fiber monocoque chassis with integrated rollcage with honeycomb panels
Body Carbon WIDE bodywork with carbon panels
Underbody Puller Aluminium panels with underground effect

Suspensions Independent suspensions all around
Uprights Aluminum billet uprights, symmetrical configuration left/right
Wishbones Wishbone arms, symmetrical configuration left / right
Bushes Arm bushings made in teflon
Dampers Ohlins Adjustable dampers
Anti-roll bar Anti-roll bars front and rear

Steering Rack Close ratio steering rack
Steering Wheel NARDI steering wheel Alcantara suede
Front Wheels Superlight Alloy wheels 18″x 9J (optional centre lock)
Rear Wheels Superlight Alloy wheels 19″x 10.5J (optional centre lock)

Brakes 6-pistons calipers with 360mm front and 355mm rear discs, no ABS

ATS 2500 GT

Engine V8 90° normal aspirated +640hp at 10.000rpm

Gearbox 6 speed manual or sequential

Cooling System Front aluminium Radiator with high-efficiency alloy pipes
Oil Cooling System Oil Cooler radiator
Lubrification System dry sump
Transmission Rear Wheel Drive
Differential Limited Slip Differential
Exhaust System Full Stainless-steel exhaust system

Fuel Tank Aluminium fuel tank 50L

Top Speed over 340 kmh
Acceleration 0-100kmh 2,9 sec

Wheelbase 2,44 m
Overall Lenght 4.25 m
Overall Width 1.98 m
Overall Height 1,15m
Dry Weight 950kgs
Front Track ND
Rear Track ND
Weight/Power Ratio 685 hp per ton
G Cornering 1.6g with semislick road legal tires

ATS 2500 GT

ATS 2500 GT

ATS 2500 GT

ATS 2500 GT

All information above provided by ATS – AUTOMOBILI TURISMO E SPORT and photos above provided by Degler Studio.

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ATS 2500GT

An original ATS 2500 GT (photo by Mike Gulett)

The Original ATS 2500 GT Could Have Been A Contender And Now There Is A New One
Article Name
The Original ATS 2500 GT Could Have Been A Contender And Now There Is A New One
The new ATS 2500 GT revives an old Italian car marque.


  1. Thomas Ollinger says

    It looks quite amazing. But is the chassis carbon and cromoly, or carbon OR cromoly? And how are they getting 685 street drivable horsepower from a normally aspirated V8? Perhaps there is some loss in translation. 685 supercharged horsepower sounds like the popular Corvette engine. Hopefully someone in California will buy one and let both Michael and Jay Leno do features on it.

  2. Don Meluzio says

    I think the ATS 2500 is one of the most beautiful cars of all time. What a marvelous car!

  3. At 950 KG that puts this car at the same weight of the new Alfa 4C but with 2.5 more HP. The ATS would be lighter than the Koenigsegg. I hope there is some type of traction control.

  4. Piero Jacometti says

    With all due respect to those who wrote the article, but it is documented about who and what they are able to make the people who currently hold the brand ATS?
    Continue to present a “maquette” in epowood without any mechanical nor chassis or engine, offering the numbers of power, construction, performance that exist only on paper and that difficult if not improbable will never be achieved.
     Build a car running and approved even if a prototype, having already owned a carbon frame approved for the crash tests, and an engine recovered from any supplier who can express this power, all mechanical accessories, suspension, steering, brakes , etc., now requires a minimum of expense is not less than a million and a half / two million Euros, which hardly are able to meet today.
    If we must be completed without having all of the above but needs to source all components digits dual considerandio all our ingenierizzazioni and mathematics necessary to the construction process.
    Passion is one thing, doing the industrial mechanics is very different.
    Reflect and thanks.
    Piero Jacometti.

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