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September 19, 2021

Paolo Stanzani A Pioneer At Lamborghini Has Died At Age 81

by Mike –

Below is a history of Paolo Stanzani from the Lamborghini web site.

Paolo Stanzani was born in Bologna on July 20, 1936. After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Bologna University in 1961, he joined Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini s.a.s. on September 30, 1963 as the assistant to Dallara, the company’s Technical Director at the time.

Paolo Stanzani was involved primarily in dimensional-structural calculations in the Testing Department (engine test rooms, road tests, homologations) and relations with bodyshops (Touring, Bertone, Marazzi, Zagato, and Silat) until 1967. It was the time of the 350 GT, the 400 GT, the Islero, and most of all the Miura.

Considered one of the fathers of the Miura as regards its technical development, he became General Director and Technical Director in the second half of 1967, taking over from Gian Paolo Dallara.

The years that followed were marked by the production of legendary vehicles like the Espada, the Jarama, the Miura S, the Miura SV, the Urraco and the Countach.

Rest in peace Paolo Stanzani – lovers of classic Italian cars appreciate your work.

Paolo Stanzani

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Paolo Stanzani A Pioneer At Lamborghini Has Died At Age 81
Article Name
Paolo Stanzani A Pioneer At Lamborghini Has Died At Age 81
Paolo Stanzani helped develop the Lamborghini Espada, Jarama, Miura S, Miura SV, Urraco and Countach.


  1. A master in the styling studio, turning concepts into reality.
    Long may he be remembered for his huge contributions, especially while in the shadow of some of the greatest stylists ever.

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