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May 25, 2024

The Le Mans Winning Iso Bizzarrini A3/C – A Video

by Mike –

This very cool video was published by Petrolicious and stars Iso/Bizzarrini A3/C No. 0222 which won its class at Le Mans in 1965 – co-staring Bruce Meyer the current caretaker.

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Iso Grifo A3/C

Iso Grifo A3/C No. 0222 and owner Bruce Meyer at Pebble Beach in 2016 –
photo by Mike Gulett

The Le Mans Winning Iso Bizzarrini A3/C - A Video
Article Name
The Le Mans Winning Iso Bizzarrini A3/C - A Video
Bruce Meyer drives and talks about Iso/Bizzarrini No. 0222, a Le Mans class winner in 1965.


  1. Jack koobs de Hartog says

    Dear Bruce,
    This is one of the best possible compliments you made to Giotto Bizzarrini.
    Many thanks for that.

  2. Mike Clarke says

    A little more history, of why it was the underdog and what happened at LeMans would be nice. Otherwise a very nice film. Bruce does a great job and they nailed the sound. The book”ISO BIZZARRINI, THE REMARKABLE HISTORY OF A3/C 0222″ by Richard Heseltine is excellent and it would be a great short film.

  3. Nothing short of fantastic… Bruce did a nice job explaining the slab sided aerodynamic aspect of the car as well, something many people did not know or were unaware of. What a pleasure it is to see and hear that car on the track…I also appreciate the fact that it is not over restored.

  4. Don Meluzio says

    I agree with Jack, a wonderful tribute to Giotto. Bruce did a great job telling his story and very good video work.

  5. Finally a video where the sound / performance of these cars come out! Very well done, Giotto will appreciate how far his legacy reaches. It’s now in good hands which is good for everybody involved in the Iso Grifo A3/C – Bizzarrini world. Bravo!

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