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March 24, 2023

Just Another Day In Paradise At Trancas

The Trancas Event Thriveth

by Wallace Wyss –

Photos by Richard Bartholomew –

Yes, that’s what some German tourist said at the Cars & Coffee in Malibu, the furthermost one that occurs way way up the Coast at the last outpost of civilization, the Trancas Country market.

Koenigsegg at Trancas


This event may swell in significance because the Sunset GT Cars & Coffee is faced with termination because of those pesky drivers who insist on roaring off.

Fortunately at the Trancas event there is no crowd at the curb and the Sheriffs often park a patrol car in plain sight to discourage such tomfoolery.

This time the organizer, Andy Cohen, was able to ward off some of the truly drek cars (Chevy four door sedans from the Fifties) because the whole goal is to highlight and showcase the most exotic cars.

Trancas Cars & Coffee - Iso Grifo

Iso Grifo

I hafta say that, in contrast to the two a month Cars & Coffees that take place further South, this one has the right lighting, ocean fog mixed with inland mist, mixed with stunning sun unfiltered, and about 79 deg. F at most.

Among the cars was a short nose Iso Grifo, finished in a similar gray to the one and only prototype, a prewar Rolls Phantom that needed only James Dean sitting in the back to make it look right (Well, maybe you had to see the movie GIANT to see what that’s about. There were two Ferrari 330GTCs, a whole passel of Porsches including the latest models with carbon fiber vents and such.

Cohen himself was showing a Pininfarina series I 250GT in black and a red smooth hood 427 Cobra, the “street model” if you will (some of those came new with 428s).

McLarens are in increasing abundance, indicating a little tarnish on the rose of Ferrari; but then I haven’t driven one hard enough to be convinced.

This event welcomes Rollers and Bentleys and I liked the slab sided Mulliner Park Ward drophead coupe and wish I could have found the owner to ask his opinion of the designer Wilhelm Koren, a Norwegian whose Alfa custom won him a job at RR and that slabside (some of which had “Chinese eyes”) was the only car he did before resigning to be an architect.

This event, if you want to park your car among the most interesting, makes it necessary to be there at 6:30 am because when I got there at 7:00 am all the spots were full.

Trancas Cars & Coffee - Bentley

Bentley Mulliner Park Ward Drophead Coupe

But they always make room for Jay Leno, was driving some contraption, maybe an old prewar race car, possibly of British origin. It had a six but a long long six, and cylinders grouped in pairs above it. He said something about the brakes catching fire on the way. Hey, with Jay, every day driving is an adventure.

I was able to spot a few beautiful starlet trainees and give them jackets bearing my Ferrari Hunters poster. Next time I see them I’ll see if they ignominiously cut off my poster but kept the jacket….

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss

Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is the author of Ferrari Hunters, an action thriller novel set in the world of classic Ferraris. He can be reached at


THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Bartholomew is an artist and photographer based in Southern California.



More photos are in the slide shows below.

Just Another Day In Paradise At Trancas
Article Name
Just Another Day In Paradise At Trancas
The Trancas Cars & Coffee in Malibu has developed into an excellent event.


  1. Not hard to notice that the ONLY people smiling are driving the rat rod. This speaks volumes.

  2. Richard Bartholomew says

    Many others were smiling also but I can’t post all 835 photos that I took.

  3. Cindy Meitle says

    I love you Wally. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this gathering. Most who attend probably don’t want you writing about these smaller Malibu/Canyon events. As with John Clinard’s massive event that ran for years in Orange County (He folded it for many reasons but mostly it got too big!), the more people that hear of these and show up, the more policing is required and chances of disrespectful types appearing increases tenfold. I’ve been asked numerous times by participants not to share where the events are if I share photos. I hope it stays quaint, but good things catch on with the masses.

  4. Gregg Mahlmeister says

    Nice pics!

  5. wallace wyss says

    Yes, this event at Trancas is no more. Part of the reason it died was some attendees couldn’t resist getting it on while leaving and that attracted the attention of a powerful lawyer living within view. In short order, the event was no more.

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