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June 20, 2024

Ferrari Roma Design Critique

by Wallace Wyss –

Yes, there’s an all new Ferrari – called the Ferrari Roma. Overall I see a heavy Jaguar influence, which I find disconcerting, but on the other hand I have only seen it in pictures, and my opinions are subject to change once I see it in person.

Ferrari Roma

This is meant to be a luxury touring car, thus is devoid of adjustable rear spoiler and race car inspired scoops and vents. It has been described as “vestigal” rear seats so it is a 2-plus-2 though as a former owner of a GTC/4, I’d have to compare rear sears to consider it built in the spirit of that fine tourer.

The engine is a twin-turbocharged V-8 (3.9 liters) rated at 620 horsepower and said to capable of powering the Roma from zero to sixty miles-per-hour in about 3.3 seconds. The engine is coupled with the new 8-speed DCT gearbox that was introduced on the SF90 Stradale.

SIDE: Nothing new, roofline similar to many cars including Jaguar. Surprising no side vent, could have brought back 275GTB “gills.” Front fender shapes are very 365GTB/4 “Daytona”.

Ferrari Roma

REAR: Very Jaguarish, especially rear back light shape. Would have preferred round tail lamps. Round exhausts look like out of the 1950s. Having a brighter horizontal “blade” light up is interesting but nothing about the rear “says” Ferrari.

Ferrari Roma

FRONT: Mixed bag. I like the frameless egg crate grille, shades of the ’50s Mondial 500. But bifurcated headlamps could be from any Japanese sporty car. Bonnet rather plain except for’60s XKE style bonnet blister, would have preferred some heat exhaust vents.

Ferrari Roma

INTERIOR: Like the 2020 Corvette, no longer a round steering wheel. Dash seems busy on passenger side too. Predominant gauge seems to be tachometer. Screen display very “busy” on console–wonder it it’s right up with current Japanese cars or out-of-date before it even hits the showrooms? The materials inside are top notch– stitched and bolstered leathers, polished metals and carbon fiber.

Ferrari Roma

THE NAME: In their press release they refer to an earlier time in the ’50s and ’60s so I think the name is supposed to recall La Dolce Vita where it seemed life was one long party….

IN SUM: Ferrari needed a more luxury inspired model as too many of the other models are chock-a-block with vents, scoops, spoilers and stuff that screams you can’t wait to run ‘er up to 200 mph. Not the Ferrari Roma.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss, who has been a guest lecturer in car design history at the Art Center College of Design, authored three books on Ferrari (not counting his neo-noir novel The Ferrari Hunters). He says he will be making an oil portrait of the Roma once he finds an inspiring angle. A list of his existing Ferrari art can be obtained by writing




Photos compliments of Ferrari.

Ferrari Roma Design Critique
Article Name
Ferrari Roma Design Critique
The new Ferrari Roma is meant to be a luxury touring car, thus is devoid of adjustable rear spoiler and race car inspired scoops and vents.


  1. This car is Ultimate. I’m speechless because I don’t have words to praise this Ferrari Roma.

  2. Ken Phillips says

    When they delete the side vents, how is the hot air from the engine compartment removed?

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw the lead in photo was that it was an Aston Martin. Very similar look.

  4. Looks like the 2009 Zagato Perana

  5. Robert Feldman says

    While this is a very nice looking car, many people could mistake this for a Jaguar or an Aston Martin. The styling is certainly not exclusive to Ferrari. I agree with Wallace. This car would look great with 275GTB style side vents!

  6. Did Ian Callum design it? Lately?

  7. I think the body is beautiful; very classic proportions and uncluttered form. On the other hand, there’s not much particularly Ferrari about it, and the headlights seem uninspired – very generic “modern” design in the subdued shape so trendy right now. The simple addition of traditional round taillights, side vents, and bolder headllights would transform the Roma into something really special.

  8. Anthony Rainone says

    I bet in person its stunning. A cross between an F12 and a 612 less 4 cylinders. Bravo!

  9. imho,The grated grill work on the nose is almost steam punk or at least harkens back to steel cast toys from the ’20s. I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time and I don’t recall anything that brazen on a regular Ferrari model. The rest of the car is smooth and has modern curves that are timeless. I would like to see a nose on shot. I like the nose but I am not sure it goes with the rest of the car. Also didn’t Aston Martin and Jaguar kind of steal that rear haunch from the Corvette anyway?

  10. wallace wyss says

    They all steal from one another, but to me the important thing about this design is that it is devoid of all the “boy racer” accoutraments. While many Ferrari owners like it that their car (particularly the mid-engined ones) look like they are ready for the track, some want a conservative car they can drive to the office, more Aston Martinish or Jaguarish.

  11. Over all very attractive, but missing the side vents,I wonder it it is got enough happening in the rear to spoil high speed lift… over all kind of a breath of fresh air albeit not terribly original.

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