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November 30, 2023

Key Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips

Continuous technological advancements have seen the auto industry introduce electric cars in the market. Globally, 2.1 million electric vehicles were sold in 2019, recording a 40% increase in sales made in 2018. That is an indication that more people are shifting from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles. If you’re planning to switch to electric cars or already have one, this article outlines crucial tips to help your maintenance and repair work.

1. Invest in professional maintenance and repair experts

Poorly maintained vehicles are a danger to human life, convenience, and safety. Contracting Tesla certified repair experts ensures that your car is appropriately diagnosed, maintained, and repaired using the right tools and equipment.

2. Pay attention to the battery

A car’s performance and longevity depend on its battery. Taking proper care of your battery ensures that your vehicle serves you better for longer. The tips below will help you maintain your car’s battery:

● Don’t overcharge
● Maintain the state of charge below 100%
● Charge to 100% for long trips only
● Don’t leave your car undercharged for long
● Avoid fast charging as it reduces the battery’s longevity
● Don’t expose your car to extremely high temperatures when parked
● Avoid driving over rough terrain so as not to deactivate the battery’s charging system
● Don’t brake too aggressively

3. Take care of your brakes

Electric cars use both conventional and regenerative braking. They convert back energy lost when slowing down and store it in the battery, and this reduces wear and tear on your braking system. Regularly replace brake fluid, pads, and discs to ensure that your brakes are always in good condition.

4. Tire maintenance

With their considerable weight and instant brake torque, electric vehicles exert a lot of pressure on their wheels. Use the following tips to keep your tires in great shape:

Rotate tires as often as the manufacturer’s guide dictates
● Monitor and maintain the correct tire inflation pressure
● Properly align your car tires to improve mile range and reduce tread wear
● Ensure the treads are intact and not too worn down. Replace them when need be
● Replace worn-out tires

5. Maintain the coolant system

Most electric cars have cooling systems that reduce temperature to help the battery operate at its optimum, increase recharge-ability and durability. Consult your owner’s manual when performing routine maintenance checks and find out what coolant to use and how often you should flush or replace it.

6. Regularly perform air conditioning service

Dirty lubricants, old refrigerants, and deteriorating heater pumps reduce your electric car’s AC efficiency. Take your vehicle for regular servicing by certified professionals as they’re knowledgeable on the refrigerants and oils to use.

7. Get EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certification

EPA regulations apply to nearly every engine, vehicle, and gallon of fuel sold in the U.S. Getting the certification indicates that your vehicle has passed the emission and fuel test as required by the law.


Putting the above maintenance and repair tips into practice will increase your electric car’s longevity and minimize the risk of accidents resulting from poorly maintained vehicles. It is also good to know the best and worst states to own electric cars in the USA.

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Image by Blomst from Pixabay

Key Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips
Article Name
Key Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips
If you are planning to switch to electric cars or already have one, here are some crucial tips to help your maintenance and repair work.

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