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April 21, 2024

Design Critique: Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

by Wallace Wyss –

It’s called the Vision AMG. No specs, but here’s a design critique.

FRONT Reminiscent of previous AMG creations except more trick lighting of the grille as it’s driving. Grille cavity recalls early (’52) 300SL racers.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

SIDE Lots of Jaguar shape to roofline and rear fenders. Almost front engine Corvette in its long bonnet/short rear deck proportions. At least doors are not cut too deep, like new DeLorean, leaving some strength for rigidity.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

REAR Horizontal thin as a sword sheath theme over-used. Nice bulge to rear fenders, goes back to ’50’s 300SLs. Wheels are too tall.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

IN SUM Mercedes seems stuck in a time warp, of swoopy low slung huge tire cars that look land speed record 1930-ish. Though the car is electric it has a huge grille as if it were ICE powered. (Do we still need fake grille cavities–Tesla says no). The gullwing doors have been done by everyone–rather see a targa.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

They have had this concept car around so long they should offer a production model or junk it. They’ve probably got buyers waiting but stretch out a concept’s promise too many years and it gets old before being green lighted for production (ask Tesla about their sports car…)

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

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Wallace Wyss art

AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss has guest lectured on car design history at the Art Center College of Design.


Mercedes Benz AMG Vision

Photos compliments of Mercedes Benz AMG.
Design Critique: Mercedes AMG Vision
Article Name
Design Critique: Mercedes AMG Vision
Mercedes Benz AMG have had this concept car around so long they should offer a production model or junk it.

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