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May 28, 2024

What’s Next?

by Mike Gulett –

Now that I have sold the Lamborghini Espada I am thinking about what’s next. The thoughts are running along the lines of: a cool car that is already now, or will someday, be a “classic” that can be used as a regular driver (if not daily at least reliable enough for local fun driving or even routine driving). It should also have modern features like: fuel injection, disc brakes, air conditioning, other modern safety features, and is easy to drive and live with but also fun and rare.

If I select the right model and pay a fair price for a good condition example then in a few years of fairly low miles and good care this car should be valued at least at what I paid for it. I am not interested in a project car so no need for the KBB value for junk cars but I may need a CARFAX report or two.

Here are some models I am considering:

Bentley Continental R or Continental T

I have always thought these were very elegant cars. They were made before the Bentley take over by VW and today they are still reasonably priced and fairly rare.

Bentley Continental R

The production Continental R made its debut at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show. What made the car so attention getting is that it wasn’t just a Rolls wearing Bentley’s “flying B” hood mascot and B insignias here and there. No, this was an all new body, a tad more than 17 feet long, nearly 5 feet tall, 6 1/2 feet wide and, the bad part, pushing 5000 lbs. of weight.

But, heavy as that was, it had a turbocharged Bentley 6.75 liter V-8 from the Bentley Turbo R under the bonnet, rated at 385 hp. That engine was mated to an out of the box GM tranny, the 4L80-E four-speed automatic transmission. Read more of what Wallace Wyss writes here.

Photo compliments of Top Gear.

Porsche 928

Originally Porsche thought this front engined water cooled V8 would replace the 911. However, the market had different ideas. These cars were not well loved by Porsche people for years. Now with the rising prices of the 911 and the 356 models collectors are looking to the 928 and realizing that it is a fine luxury GT car and can be had at a very reasonable price.

Porsche 928 GT/GTS collector car

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

This Aston Martin is very stylish and since I owned a 2006 version at one time I am familiar with this model. I would want a 2009 model year or later because that is when they boosted the engine from 4.3 to 4.7 liter leading to a power increase from 380 hp to 420 hp.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

I was impressed with the handling and the reliability of this Aston Martin. It is also one of the most beautiful cars on the road today.

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Photo by Ferrari of Los Gatos.

There are a few other models of interest like the Ferrari 550 Maranello (above).

What's Next?
Article Name
What's Next?
Now that I have sold the Lamborghini Espada I am thinking about what's next and have not come up with the answer yet.


  1. Interesting possibilities. In addition to my Grifo I own a 1985 Euro spec BMW M635 which is a fabulous GT car! Any of the BMW E24s or E9 are good choices. That Bentley is attractive but too big.

  2. Mike Stellato says

    Bentley GT Coupe or GTC convertible

  3. Will Byrne says

    A varied field, to be sure. The Aston as the beautiful and spirited English entry, above the more stodgy Bentley. And the Ferrari 550 over the Porsche for more sporty fun and blue-chip investment. We too are surprised at the lack of a BMW contender. Moreover, this shopping period leading up to ‘the hunt’ is always most enjoyable.

  4. I don’t remember reading why you sold your Espada. I’d be interested in hearing why.

  5. wallace wyss says

    Bentley Continental SC. It had a removable front roof so fits the definition of a sedanca de ville. but they only made seven and I don’t know how many were sold in the US. don’t consider Azure, great name but convertible top, even if designed by Karmann, is a nightmare..

  6. Larry Felton says

    Not necessarily a future collector but we opted for a 2012 Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible as out daily driver. Good price, dependable and sounds like a Ferrari for half the price of a California.

  7. Rob Krantz says

    Mike, all nice choices! How about a Mercedes’ 560SL? Values are solid and rising for nice examples. I own an ‘86 560SL, Black Pearl over cream leather. Just turned 19,000 original miles…mint west coast car. If you like these, let me know as I might be letting it go…..

  8. Anthony Olissoff says

    BMW M1?
    The modern Maseratis are such cool cars and understated compared to others.
    So much more commonplace I think they are unlikely to appreciate in value.
    They may plateau in price though, so a ‘low loss’ pleasure?

  9. wallace wyss says

    To throw in our two cents worth we need to know the other cars in the stable so we can spot any over-duplication of purpose. I know the Mk. IV AC is a rough and ready short trip car to take visitors for rides by the ocean. Then you need a family car to go shopping in. A business coupe with sporting tendencies could include even an Iso Lele, BMW M-series, the right Jag– has to be a fur seater. But most of all I dream of having the budget to buy a nice car to park outside an outdoor cafe. early in the am as you sit at table admiring it. something that would attract eyes but whose growling exhaust would not scare the women nd children. Here’s a far out suggestion–a “tuned” Ferrari 400 convertible conversion (one already licensed in Calif.) None have been advertised lately so it’s difficult for there to be a “fixed” price.

  10. Thank you to all who left a comment and made suggestions.

    Some BMW or a Mercedes models are certainly viable alternatives to a Bentley Continental R (or T). Probably not a Ferrari 400 convertible though.

    As mentioned the hunt is a big part of the fun and I must also please Rebecca.

  11. wallace wyss says

    Those guy who have a lady who didn’t know one car from another, don’t have to worry ’bout that. I met a girl in Detroit who bragged her boyfriend had a Thunderbird but when she pointed his car out to me I saw it was a Dodge Dart with the Thunderbird on the glovebox door.

    Going back to the German machines, I think MB and BMW are yanking V12s out of production soon to comply with changing emissions laws so maybe buying a car thato n resale could be advertised as “the last of the V12s” in either marque might be good for appreciation..

  12. How about one of those EV’s that you are always promoting. There are some impressive performance numbers coming out of them, they are good for the environment, they are easy to drive and you can lead by example in the climate change situation in which you support.
    Some of those cars will be classics in time.

  13. You’ve had an Iso Grifo and a Bizzarrini. I think you should consider a Devin at some point…350…4 barrel…disc brakes…vintage style…raw driving power…looks good at ANY car show…fun to bring on rallies and tours. You could get one for under 100k.

  14. Glenn Krasner says


    If you want a fun, daily driver, that is an excellent value (but not for long), go with the Porsche 928. Enjoy it, thrash the shit out of it, take it to its upper limits. By the time you get tired of it, you can sell it and you will get more than you paid for it!!!

    Glenn in Brooklyn, NY.

  15. Why not a Dodge Viper…sporty, handles well, full power, with all the features. They’re climbing in value. If you get tired of it, you’ll get a nice return on your investment. I know a guy.

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