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July 17, 2024

Monterey Car Week 2022: Automobiia

by Wallace Wyss –

Tony Singer’s Automobilia Monterey is always a good place to start Monterey Car Week for me–it continues through Wednesday at 5 pm so if I hot dog it up from Los Angeles, I can make it the last hour before it closes

The whole show takes place in a ballroom right off the lobby in the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside. I would say budget a good hour to go through the show because even if what you want is not there, the booth-holder might know where to get it.

Automobilia Monterey

The show has a lot of displays by professionals in the memorabilia business among them Logan Gray’s Vintage Motorbooks, where Logan often stocks out of print books. He has hobbyists waiting to find a book and offers as mint a copy as you can find.

Tony Singer himself from Carmel Valley stocks vintage racing posters and nothing sets off a “man cave” like an old racing poster.

Hugh Ruthven of Illinois seems to try harder each year to get really antique looking racing gear like matching leather gloves and pudding bowl helmet. I’ll have to ask if he goes to Jollie Olde England to source it.

Steve Posson of Loveland, CO explained to me how sculpture was made, something about clay and such, beyond me, but I have to admire his craftsmanship. I am glad he’s working in metal because these are sculptures for the ages. He moved to Colorado to find the craftsmen he needs to complete his art.

Michael Furman is a world class photographer. He was selling huge books–heavy books–of the finest automobile photography ever taken, all studio lit. With his pictures you are not distracted by superfluous backgrounds–they show the car as it is, using selective lighting to highlight the lines.

Horton Books bought the latest books from England. James Horton is a true International car book entrepreneur, often offering books before the normal distributors in the US has them.

For those who collect vintage literature from when their car was new, there’s Chelsea Motoring Literature from David Kayser of New Jersey. By the way at the Pebble Beach concours I noticed several entrants displaying some vintage literature next to their car so if a judge asks suchlike “Was that luggage rack available when the car was new?” they can refer the judge to an original sales brochure.

Claus Schmelling of Bonn, Germany came with Italian literature-I thought before he was a Mercedes guy but now at this show he was featuring Italian literature. As an artist myself it is fun to see a new artist emerge, progress and become a name in the field and James Caldwell was no disappointment–every year his scope expands. There’s an interview of the tall young artist on You Tube’s Jay Leno’s Garage show. He is a former resident of Salinas so has seen Monterey Car Week expand through the years and got himself a good spot by being with Automobila as a displayer for at least the last five years.

Overall, I think for those decorating their den or “man cave” Automobilia is the place to start. I’ve been a booth-holder in previous years, selling art and my latest book but still have to do my job as reporter during Monterey Car Week. Maybe I’ll come back to the venue as a pure artist again…it’ll give me a chance to wear my beret, no?

Let us know what you think in the Comments.

Wallace Wyss art

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Automobilia Monterey

Monterey Car Week 2022: Automobiia
Article Name
Monterey Car Week 2022: Automobiia
Automobilia Monterey is always a good place to start Monterey Car Week.

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