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May 27, 2024

How Many Multi-Generation Apollo GT Owners Are There?

by Mike Gulett –

The Apollo GT was an American made sports car produced from 1962 to 1964 in Oakland, California. The Apollo project was the dream of Milt Brown and Newt Davis, who wanted to build an American car to compete with Aston Martin and Ferrari. Not compete on the racetrack but as a street sports car.

Apollo GT

1963 Apollo GT

This car is a 1963 Apollo GT that the owner, Don Bryan, inherited from his father. Don grew up riding in this Apollo. This is the eighth Apollo GT coupe built and Don Bryan uses this car as his daily driver. The car looks to be well used but also well cared for.

Apollo GT

Don Bryan the Apollo owner on the left and Mike Gulett on the right

This Apollo GT received a lot of attention at The Goodguys Show in July 2012 in Pleasanton, California, a car show primarily for American muscle cars, hot rods and custom cars. I suspect many of the people looking at this Apollo had never seen one before and likely had not heard of an Apollo before either.

Apollo GT 3500

1963 Apollo GT 3500

Don also does the maintenance on this special car that is a part of American and Italian car history. This day that we went out for a drive Don was having problems with the carburetor yet I could still feel the power and the terrific handling around corners on this mountain road.

I have been a fan of the Apollo GT for years and I am now more of a fan after this drive.

Apollo GT 3500 and owner

Don Bryan and His Apollo GT 3500

Turn up the sound for the video that I made riding in Don’s Apollo GT up Big Basin Road in Saratoga, California.

More photos are in the slide show below.

Unfortunately Don was crashed into a couple of years after I met him.

Apollo GT Accident

Apollo GT Accident

Read more about the Apollo GT here.

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Apollo GT

How Many Multi-Generation Apollo GT Owners Are There?
Article Name
How Many Multi-Generation Apollo GT Owners Are There?
This car is a 1963 Apollo GT that the owner, Don Bryan, inherited from his father. Don grew up riding in this Apollo.


  1. Was Don OK after that crash? Has the car survived and been rebuilt?

  2. Josh Bagley says

    Yes, Don was OK but he’s had a hard time with the repairs. Long story short – and he can speak to it better than me but he’s shared it with me – he had someone doing work on it who ended being a flake and unreliable. He had to pull his car, in boxes, out to another location to keep on with the repairs.

    The challenge is that these were handmade and while the Buick engine was well known back in the day, these days most automotive shops don’t know much about carbs and such.

    I’ll post about my Apollo that has been in my family since we got it in 1964.

  3. Josh Bagley says

    The Apollo in my family has been handed down since it was acquired from the original company, via the shop foreman, back in 1964. My grandfather saw it near his office in San Francisco and acquired it not long before Apollo folded the first time.
    After several decades it was passed to my father and then passed to me about five years ago.
    As a small boy, visiting my grandparents in El Cerrito, I fell in love with the Apollo. I’ve done most of the work on it, except for when deployed or away and tasks I don’t have the skills or time to complete, for 30 years.
    Currently it needs a major mechanical overhaul and restoration, new interior, wiring repairs and getting the gauges working again – to name a few items.

    However, it is one of the most unique cars I’ve ever seen, has tremendous power, and is a thrill to drive. You feel in direct contact with the road and the skills needed to drive well.

    Our Apollo is #1022, 1964 Apollo GT5000.

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