My Car Quest

February 7, 2023

An Arnolt-Bristol In Australia

by Mike - Stephen Hawkins and his father, Ray, now share on an Australian TV show their beautiful and reliable Arnolt-Bristol. They have earlier shared their Iso Grifo. The video below is only 5:20 long and is interesting. The sound of … [Read more...]

“Wacky” Arnolt Built A Great Car – The Arnolt-Bristol

by Mike - The red 1956 Arnolt-Bristol DeLuxe Roadster by Bertone below is being auctioned by RM Auctions in August 2014 in Monterey. You may be thinking - but what is an Arnolt-Bristol? Arnolt-Bristol Background In the early 1950s … [Read more...]

Car Of The Day – Classic Car For Sale – 1959 Arnolt-Bristol DeLuxe Roadster

by Mike - Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all! Here is my pick for the classic car for sale today that I would like to own. 1959 Arnolt-Bristol DeLuxe Roadster This Arnolt-Bristol DeLuxe Roadster is up for auction by RM … [Read more...]

S. H. “Wacky” Arnolt And His Arnolt-Bristol Cars

by Mike - In the early 1950s Stanley Harold Arnolt, also known as "Wacky" Arnolt, was an American importer of MG, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Bristol cars. He started making his own cars with a Bertone design based on the MG TD … [Read more...]

Classic Car Prices, Market Trends And Events – Part 4

by Mike - Recently I wrote about the upward trend in classic cars prices and the impact that high powered auctions and car TV shows have on those prices. It has occurred to me that there are other events in addition to classic car auctions and … [Read more...]