My Car Quest

March 21, 2023

So-Cal Belly Tanker – A Hot Rod Or What?

by Mike - Returning American soldiers from World War II wanted to build cars that went fast. This was especially true in Southern California where the Hot Rod culture was created by returning soldiers who had learned new mechanical skills in the … [Read more...]

Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Survey Results

by Mike - Below are the results from the survey questions from Bruce Meyer On The Bonneville Salt Flats – Never Lift. Do you want to drive faster than 200 MPH (322 km/h) at the Bonneville Salt Flats? Yes - 58% No - 21% I have … [Read more...]

Bruce Meyer On The Bonneville Salt Flats – Never Lift

by Mike - Bruce Meyer told me that one of his ambitions was to drive faster than 200 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats. He has now done it - "dreams do come true" he wrote. Bruce Meyer - Never Lift - The Video Put it on full … [Read more...]

Next Week Is Bonneville Speed Week! And, Oh It Is Also Monterey Car Week

by Mike - Why do they hold two of the coolest events in North America during the same week? Maybe they think that people who go to events like the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering would not be interested in … [Read more...]

A Return To Bonneville For Team 608

by Mike - It takes guts to drive at Bonneville especially going after a speed record. The Team 608 crew have the guts and the determination and have demonstrated this for more than ten years. Next month Team 608 is bringing two cars … [Read more...]

Craig Breedlove – Fast, Faster, Fastest

by Mike -  Some people are content with driving fast but Craig Breedlove was only content if he could drive faster than anyone had ever driven before. He did that a few times: * August 5, 1963 - 407.45 MPH in Spirit of America at … [Read more...]